Located near the busy Hosakerehalli Crossroad in Bangalore, Madhan Soudhe Ole Fish Tawa Fry is a landmark for locals in search of a one-of-a-kind fish treat. This little stand, which opens its doors every day to serve the merciless pavement, is living proof that good cuisine can be found in the most unexpected of locations. But I’m still not sure how I feel about what happened.

Madhan Soudhe Ole Fish Tawa Fry Review:

Always bustling with customers, the Madhan Fish Tawa Fry booth proves time and time again how popular it is. The clouds of fragrant smoke coming from the sizzling tava are impossible to miss as the enticing aroma of fish and spices fills the air. If you want to prevent having an involuntary coughing fit and a burning feeling in your chest, it’s best to keep your distance.

Madhan Soudhe Ole Fish Tawa Fry uses what seems like a sanitary cooking procedure, but they add a rustic character to it by using wood and sunflower oil. Whenever it came to the tastes, I was disappointed.

I was underwhelmed by the final product, despite the lively atmosphere and flawless preparation. There was none of that particular something about the fish—mostly Rohu and Roopchand, but also Mackerel, Seer, and Shrimp—that makes street food so memorable. Despite the generous amount of oil, the fish had a burned flavour and a little sourness that clashed with the spice combination. Surprisingly, there was little opportunity for differentiation between the several kinds of fish since the masala, or spice mix, was the same throughout all the dishes.

Some may say that fish has naturally various flavours, but I was hoping for a more nuanced dining experience since the seasoning wasn’t specifically designed for each kind of fish. Rather than being renowned for its outstanding culinary skills, Madhan Fish Tawa Fry appears to be famous for its lack of competition.

The local praise for Madhan Fish Tawa Fry makes me think that preferences differ from mine, but I still didn’t like it. It could be fun to attempt if you’re interested in trying different kinds of street cuisine and don’t mind sacrificing some of the finer points of cooking.