Agashiye, which translates to “on the terrace” in Gujarati, is well-known as a spot serving traditional Gujarati cuisine. Though there are many other excellent restaurants in the area, the Agashiye restaurant is more posh. You may come for the experience alone. House of MG, a large converted superior boutique historic hotel, is home to the Agashiye Restaurant. Additionally, UNESCO designated the House of MG as a World Heritage City. It is a stunning restaurant and location. Staying at or visiting a boutique historic hotel is an absolute joy. But the most important thing is: how did the meal taste? Allow me to narrate.

Points to Remember

  • Just the plate makes the difference between cheap thali and fancy thali.
  • The restaurant is seldom busy, so there’s no need to make a reservation.
  • Take your time eating while sitting down.
  • Prepare your mouth for a lot of sweet and bland things.

Agashiye Restaraunt Review

meal at the Agashiye Restaurant was the most lethargic meal I’ve ever eaten. Kansa Thali and Silver Thali are their two sets of transactions. The two are almost identical save for a few minor details; for example, silver thali is often served on a silver platter and may come with a few additional things. For the simple reason that I could fit more food into a Silver Plate, I went with the Silver Thali. The Silver Thali was very costly at ₹2000/-, or $27. For the sake of enjoying a genuine Gujarati Thali, I was willing to pay the price.
It was obvious from the moment I walked in that the restaurant’s cuisine would be subpar as it was completely deserted. Maybe it’s due to the pricey menu, I wondered at first. However, the matter of the cuisine was clarified. Although the cuisine at Agashiye Restaurant was terrible, the atmosphere and service were both excellent. From Choli Kachori and Dhokla to Mohanthar and Gujarati Kadhi, and even Shrikhand, I sampled every single dish. None of the dishes were good to me. Perhaps I overindulged in Shrikhand, but that’s about it. Two more bottles of water were procured to obfuscate my charges.
Everything I’ve said above is based on my tastes and my experiences with food from all around the world. You won’t get authentic Gujarati Thali at Agashiye Restaurant, in my opinion as a foodie. I was cautioned not to go here by some of the locals due to the taste. While I certainly wouldn’t return to Agashiye Restaurant, I would enthusiastically recommend it to everyone. If only to view the historic structure and the Silver Plates.


The house of MG, Old City, Gheekanta,

Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001