Brew & Chew, Bangalore’s Best Food Blog, stands as a culinary powerhouse in the vibrant city of Bangalore. This esteemed food blog has garnered unparalleled acclaim, securing its position as Bangalore’s premier gastronomic authority, according to Google’s rankings. It serves as a veritable treasure trove for ardent food aficionados, offering an exhaustive repertoire of restaurant and pub reviews, interwoven with a plethora of invaluable insights about the gastronomic realm.

Brew & Chew is essentially an encyclopaedic guide to the best food and drink in Bengaluru, with entries covering everything from restaurant recommendations to drink recipes to in-depth analyses of high-end goods to lively discussions of the culture around tobacco use. With an ardent following numbering over 85 thousand Bangaloreans, Brew and Chew has transcended geographical boundaries, capturing the imaginations of visitors hailing from cities, states, and countries beyond, who make their gastronomic pilgrimages to the effervescent city of Bangalore.

Having thrived for nearly half a decade, Brew and Chew has indelibly etched its presence into the very soul of Bangalore, earning the coveted title of Bengaluru’s gastronomic darling for an impressive four consecutive years running. That is why we boldly claim to be Bangalore’s Best Food Blog.

Jayanth Dev, the illustrious connoisseur and visionary driving the culinary ship at Brew and Chew, fervently articulates the blog’s overarching mission. It is twofold: to provide meticulously curated, accurate, and comprehensive information about local establishments, encompassing restaurants, pubs, and resorts, and to champion the cause of business owners, fortifying their online presence and facilitating meaningful connections with their clientele.

One of Brew and Chew’s standout hallmarks is its unwavering commitment to delivering candid and impartial restaurant evaluations. This commitment extends seamlessly to local gems like Ice Cream Adda’s, neighbourhood watering holes, cosy coffee nooks, and traditional military hotels, as well as renowned, globally recognized culinary sanctuaries. Moreover, Brew and Chew extends an open invitation to passionate gastronomes to share their reviews and cherished recipes, fostering a sense of community and collaboration on its platform.

With the novel feature of direct suggestions to Jayanth Dev, Brew and Chew cultivates a tight-knit community among food enthusiasts, continually reinforcing its status as the go-to wellspring of culinary wisdom and recommendations in the dynamic and ever-evolving culinary landscape of Bengaluru. As Brew and Chew’s legacy unfurls, its influence on the gastronomic tapestry of Bangalore only grows stronger, as it remains the beacon illuminating the path to gastronomic delight for both locals and globetrotters alike.

Bangalore’s Best Food Blog – Brew & Chew 5th anniversary video