Koshy’s is a legendary establishment in the heart of Bangalore. It has been an integral part of our city’s cultural and culinary landscape for decades. Steeped in history and nostalgia, this iconic eatery in St. Mark’s Road is known for its timeless charm, diverse menu, and welcoming ambience. Recently, I revisited this place and here is my review.

Points to Remember

  • This is a historic place, so take photos.
  • Koshy’s offers mixed cuisines, so try them all
  • Good place for a friendly hangout
  • Don’t forget to have their filtered coffee.

Koshy’s Review

A visit to Koshy’s is akin to entering a time capsule, as the establishment exudes an aura of vintage allure and historical import that permeates every nook and cranny. Instantaneously, one feels at home due to the hospitable ambience and recognisable personnel. It was no different for me as the aroma of coffee pulled me to those old times.

The menu is a mix of traditional and modern like always. They serve English breakfast, South Indian cuisines, continental cuisines and even some colonial-era stuff like crisp bacon and eggs etc.

The best part of Koshy’s is their unmatched coffee culture. The filter coffee prepared and served conventionally serves as evidence of the establishment’s dedication to safeguarding the coffee heritage of the city.

Due to its high demand and restricted seating, particularly during peak hours, you need to take some timeout and wait to be seated but trust me, it’s worth it.

Koshy’s continues to be an integral component of the cultural fabric of Bangalore. It is more than just a dining establishment; it serves as a vibrant representation of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. Go check it out yourself, I am sure, you will love it.


39, St Mark’s Rd, Shanthala Nagar,

Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001