Located in the middle of Bengaluru, Kalasipalya Chaakna is the oldest institution of its kind in the city and a hidden treasure with a history that spans more than a century. The name alone is intriguing: “chaakna” refers to a dish that is prepared using the internal parts of animals, namely goats and sheep. This well-known street BBQ joint is located outside a neighbourhood watering hole, and its odd ingredient mix has become synonymous with it.

Points to Remember

  • The street is disgusting
  • The people who come here are disgusting
  • The smell is disgusting
  • Smoke everywhere

Kalasipalya Chaakna Review:

At four separate stations, skilled grill masters are skillfully cooking a range of mouth-watering meats as the sun sets, filling the air with an enticing perfume. Although it may sound strange to eat the internal organs of animals like goats and sheep, Kalasipalya Chaakna offers a varied menu that defies expectations with dishes like grilled soft fat, kidney, heart, lungs, liver, and sausages filled with minced meat masala, which are my favourite.

Kalasipalya Chaakna stands out due to its dedication to using little flavouring. Chat masala adds a wonderful depth of flavour to foods made with simple components like pepper, salt, and chilli powder. The smokiness imparted by grilling over wood improves the entire flavour profile and creates a spectacular eating experience. Despite the extensive preparation, the meticulous cooking procedure ensures that each piece of meat is delivered to perfection.

Kalasipalya Chaakna demonstrates that sometimes little is more, even down to the surprising quantity of spice. The original flavours can pop without any overpowering heat, so it’s perfect for those with a variety of spicy tolerances.

But a word of warning is in order. Due to its slum status, Kalasipalya may not have the same level of cleanliness as more affluent areas. This reviewer emerged from following ceremonies unharmed after taking a gastronomic trip that was well worth the initial reluctance. Another option to enjoy the Kalasipalya Chaakna treats in a less crowded setting is the next pub. This little joint proves that sometimes the best BBQ comes from the unlikeliest of locations by crushing more posh joints in the barbecue competition.


Noor Manzil, Kalasipalya,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002