For the last ten years, UNIBIC has been satisfying the sweet tooths of people all across India with its excellent biscuits and pastries. UNIBIC takes great delight in producing each cookie, which they have appropriately dubbed Bicalicious, using only the best ingredients. Their commitment to excellence is seen in the careful selection of fruits, nuts, and spices that go into each of the roughly twenty delicious flavours they provide.

UNIBIC stands out from the competition because of its dedication to accommodating a diverse variety of palates and dietary needs. UNIBIC’s cookie selection includes a sugar-free alternative for people who are health-conscious or who are managing diabetes. All of our customers may now enjoy the delicacy of UNIBIC cookies without sacrificing their health thanks to this considerate addition.

In essence, UNIBIC is more than simply a cookie brand; it is a demonstration of culinary mastery, creativity, and the will to provide something unique to cookie connoisseurs and health-conscious customers alike. Experience the bliss that comes from biting into a UNIBIC cookie for the first time.

About the Company

Since its inception in 2005, Unibic Foods has been a frontrunner in the rapidly growing Indian cookie sector. It’s the cookie brand with the most rapid expansion in India right now. Every batch of cookies made by Unibic is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Unibic’s state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, India, has cutting-edge European gear. Every single cookie produced here passes rigorous quality control tests to guarantee that they are up to par with the best in the business. Unibic is notable for being the pioneer in India of “wire cut technology,” the process responsible for the distinctive and delicious texture of every kind of cookie produced by the company.

Unibic Foods is not just the undisputed market leader in India’s cookie sector, but also a global powerhouse with a presence in more than 10 countries and an innovative brand that sets the standard for cookie lovers everywhere.

Biscuit Ranges

Unibic’s Cookie Selection is a delightful journey through a wide range of flavours and options to satisfy every palate and occasion:

Chocolate Range:

  1. Choco Ripple Cookies
  2. Choco Chip Cookies
  3. Choconut Cookies
  4. Choco Kiss Cookies

All-Time Favorites Range:

  1. Fruit & Nut Cookies
  2. Butter Cookies
  3. Cashew Cookies
  4. Pista Badam Cookies
  5. Doosra Chili Butter Cookies
  6. Doosra Jeera Cookies
  7. Ginger Nut Cookies
  8. Scotch Finger Cookies

Health Range:

  1. Oatmeal Digestive Cookies
  2. Honey Oatmeal Cookies
  3. Multigrain Breakfast Cookies
  4. Milk Cookies
  5. Sugarfree Multigrain Cookies
  6. Sugarfree Cashew Cookies
  7. Sugarfree Butter Cookies
  8. Sugarfree Oatmeal Cookies
  9. Sugarfree Orange Cream Cookies
  10. Sugarfree Pineapple Cream Cookies
  11. Sugarfree Vanilla Cream Cookies

Celebration Range:

  1. Festive Cookies
  2. Giftpack Celebration Cookies
  3. Giftpack Cookie Magic
  4. Giftpack Festive Moments Cookies
  5. Giftpack Greeting Cookies
  6. Giftpack Sugarfree Delight Cookies

Unibic offers a cookie for every occasion and taste preference, making it the perfect choice for indulgence, health-conscious snacking, and gifting.


I’m delighted to hear that your UNIBIC cookie tasting at KPL 2016 in Hubli was a highlight of your trip. UNIBIC’s selection of cookies is extensive and delicious, with something for every cookie lover.

Fantastically, UNIBIC’s cookies have disproved the concept that nutritious food can’t both be tasty. You’ve been pleasantly delighted to find that healthy options, like the Oatmeal Digestive Cookies, may still be delicious.

Choco Kiss cookies and Fruit & Nut Cookies, two of your favourites, are, without a doubt, delicious and satisfying in every way. These delicious confections are a clear example of UNIBIC’s mastery of their trade.

UNIBIC is dedicated to quality and creativity, so we can expect them to keep bringing us delicious new flavours. Cheers to future cookie-centric escapades with UNIBIC!