Although RRR Hotel has a somewhat unremarkable past, it has earned a prominent position in Mysuru’s gastronomic landscape. The first time I came here was completely by chance, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

I had originally planned on having some Hanumanthu Biryani on a Monday, but when I got there, I found out that it was closed for the day. Nonetheless, this unexpected turn of events introduced me to RRR Hotel, a trendy restaurant with an Andhra flavour.

The biryani at RRR Hotel is delicious and one of the hotel’s best features. You’re in for a treat no matter what you choose from the tantalising chicken fry or the limitless vegetarian meal, which is famous for its flavour and diversity.

While RRR Hotel has a very short history, its tastes are anything from standard. If you happen to be in Mysuru, you should make a reservation at this restaurant so that you may have a great lunch.

Points to Remember

  1. Don’t anticipate a lavish ambience.
  2. Must-try the biryani and hearty meals.
  3. Savour your meal on a traditional banana leaf, and don’t hesitate to use your hands for an authentic experience.
  4. Vegetarian options are also on the menu, catering to various preferences.


It might be difficult to get a seat at RRR Hotel, a popular Andhra restaurant with a cosy atmosphere. Still, it’s a worthwhile challenge. Banana leaves provide for an interesting and tasty alternative when presenting hot cuisine.

When I went, I had the Mutton Biryani, and when I asked what the most popular chicken dish was, I was told that it was the Chicken Pepper Dry, so I got it too. The biryani wasn’t cooked in the traditional Andhra method, but it still had enough of flavour. The combination of the well-cooked meat’s mild texture and somewhat rubbery flavour was a revelation.

The Chicken Pepper Dry was the meal’s shining moment. It had a spicy bite that delighted the taste senses, thanks to the properly cooked chicken and the wonderful combination of spices. The biryani I ordered went well with it.

In the event that Hanumanthu is closed, you should not hesitate to sample the biryani at RRR Hotel. I have faith that the tastes available here will not disappoint.

Gandhi Square, Near Mahatma Gandhi Statue,
Chamrajpur, Mysore,
Karnataka 570001

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