Popular microbrewery Brew and Barbeque can be found within Soulspace Arena Mall. Although it’s a bit of a drive from most nearby neighbourhoods, the presence of so many major corporations makes the trip well worth it. The bar is large and welcoming because of its many indoor and outdoor seatting options.

The Brew and Barbeque has a well-designed environment that makes it a pleasant and attractive place to hang out. The bar also takes great pleasure in the quality of service it provides its customers.

Points to Remember

Here are some key highlights of The Brew and Barbeque:

  1. Fun Hangout: The Brew and Barbeque is a fun place to hang out, offering an enjoyable atmosphere for socializing and relaxation.
  2. Reasonable Drink Costs: The establishment provides reasonably priced drinks, making it an accessible choice for those looking to enjoy some beverages.
  3. Good Music: Patrons can expect good music at The Brew and Barbeque, enhancing the overall experience.
  4. Spacious Venue: The lounge offers ample space, making it suitable for parties and gatherings, perfect for those who want to have a great time.
  5. Dessert Delights: The desserts at The Brew and Barbeque are not to be missed, offering a sweet treat to conclude your meal.

The Brew and Barbeque appears to be a great place for a fun and enjoyable hangout, offering a spacious environment with good music, reasonable drink prices, and delectable desserts. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to have a good time with friends or colleagues.


Both the buffet and the a la carte menus at The Brew and Barbeque are delicious. The kind welcome we received made it simple to relax and enjoy the excellent cuisine and drinks on offer.

In regards to beer, you may choose between Hefeweizen, American Pale Ale, or Red Indian Ale at The Brew and Barbeque. Hefeweizen, with its refined wheat mix, stands out as a top pick among them. The American Pale Ale is light and crisp, while the Red Indian Ale is rich and malty. All of the brews have been recently brewed, so they all smell and taste wonderful. The Hefeweizen is my go-to beer since it’s so smooth.

The lounge also serves tasty cocktails, such as the Pina Colada, Long Island Ice Tea, and the Bellandur Overflow, which is their house speciality.

The Brew and Barbeque’s well-rounded menu has a mix of Indian and continental dishes, so diners of all diets may find something they like. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian grilled foods and beer are well-cooked.

I spent six months eating here, and I can say that every single meal was delicious. Several dishes stand out as particular favourites of mine, including garlic rice, mutton curry, chicken lollipops, pepperoni pizza, and delicious desserts. I did give the cook some suggestions, but they were tiny and not worth mentioning.

In conclusion, The Brew and Barbeque is a fantastic hangout spot because of its welcoming atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and top-notch beer selection. Here’s to an evening that will live long in the memory!

4121/P, L-R Arcade, Old Airport Road,
HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
Phone: 080 3951 0577

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