MonkeyBox is a business that provides a high-quality meal delivery service for kids between the ages of 1 and 18. How it works is as follows:

The MonkeyBox app provides parents with the option to subscribe to one of many different food plans. You may tailor the menu to your kid’s likes and needs by choosing from a variety of options.

Your child’s school will get the meals around half an hour before lunchtime. This guarantees that your kid will eat the food that they like while still meeting your nutritional standards.


The problems that modern working parents encounter are well-addressed by the MonkeyBox idea. It’s a sensible answer to the everyday problem of what to feed kids first thing in the morning. A well-equipped kitchen and enough storage space are two of the startup’s many strengths.

MonkeyBox delivers reasonably prepared meals that are packaged with care. Although the food is meticulously packaged with barcodes, it is important to consider temperature management since it is delivered half an hour before lunch break. With the barcode method, parents are kept in the loop at all times, from the moment their kid is delivered until the moment it is returned to them. Parents may rest easy with this tracking option.

The quality of the cuisine is satisfactory, and it is clear that the chef in charge of the menu places a premium on healthfulness. While the reviewer acknowledges that MonkeyBox is a great choice for busy parents, they nevertheless recommend that parents periodically prepare fresh meals for their children. After all, most people agree that mom’s food is unparalleled.

Wanna Know More?

You can visit MonkeyBox’s website at or download their app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, to explore their offerings and services.