Tadka Singh Alarm

Tadka Singh is a very new kind of a restaurant which came up may be an year back. As the name says Tadka Singh is really Tadka in its location and it looks. The funny part is that this restaurant is located exactly next to Mc Donalds in Indranagar and still people come here because of its ambiance. This restaurant is a self service restaurant and once you order food, they give you a box which looks like the above image and once the order is ready, this box starts ringing with lights. It started ringing and I was like “what happened?” and then a guy came and said, sir your order is ready. An amazing experience and when I think about the scenes, It feels funny.

Tadka Singh Chicken Dish

Points to Remember:

1.Tadka Singh is a self service restaurant, so dont sit their like a lord.
2. They will give you a box and when your order is ready, it rings.
3. Its a simple restaurant, good for lunch and jolly dinner

Tadka Singh chicken gravy rice 
Tadka Singh as the name says the food is really tadka, and Frankly I loved the food. Basically I ordered Chicken Curry, Rice and Chicken Sheekh and It was really good. The rice is not place rice, It was jeera rice and chicken curry was a mixed taste of sour and spicy which was going well with jeera rice. Chicken Sheekhon the other hand was very tasty, it was tasting sour but a well balanced flavor and taste which made me eat a lot. The menu might look very small but your choice will make you happy. The taste is very flavorish and spicy and the food really smell good and also its well mannered. Finally this place is made for foodies and I request all my foodies to go have food in Tadka Singh and for sure you guys will like it.

Tadka Singh chicken gravy, ghee rice


Tadka Singh Restaurant
538, Opposite Metro Station,
Next to Mc Donald’s
CMH Road, Indiranagar,