Greetings, food enthusiasts! After a considerable hiatus, I’m excited to bring you something truly captivating. Bengaluru, a city known for its regal residents and their discerning palates, boasts an array of eateries. The city’s love for dosas has been unwavering, with countless variations available. But now, there’s a new addition that’s truly extraordinary – the Gold Plated Masala Dosa, the first of its kind in India, graced with real gold foil. This extravagant culinary creation is exclusively available at Rajbhog, a multi-cuisine restaurant that predominantly caters to North Indian cuisine but also offers Chinese dishes.

The Gold Plated Dosa is a masala dosa adorned with genuine gold foil, and it comes with a hefty price tag of 1011 bucks. It’s a treat that might make you think twice before treating someone to it. The restaurant also offers a more affordable Silver Masala Dosa at 151 bucks. Rest assured, the gold foils used in this dosa are ISO-certified, ensuring not only a luxurious experience for your taste buds but also a safe indulgence for your stomach. The dosa is renowned for its delightful crispiness and flavour, achieved by roasting it in olive oil.

The introduction of these unique dosas has drawn a considerable crowd, and people are genuinely enjoying this culinary innovation. The restaurant’s North Indian offerings are equally delightful. If you’re ready to splurge on a dosa, give this unique creation a try – I can vouch that it’s an experience you’ll savour.


92/6, Outer Ring Road,
opp Innovative Multiplex,
Marathahalli, bangalore-37
Phone: 080-600-00-600
Margosa Road, 15th Cross,
Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560003
Mobile:  9901544222, 9880023409

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  1. Wow ! this Masala Dosa soon being considered for TAX exemption in forthcoming NDA budget session since most of the people who eat this are not going to toilet due to the fear of getting it digested very soon !!

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