You wouldn’t necessarily anticipate finding a great seafood restaurant serving the Konkani manner in a place like Hubli. When I finally made it to this hidden treasure last year, I was immediately transformed into a committed admirer. With a name like “Only Fish,” it’s no surprise that this exceptional restaurant serves nothing but the freshest and tastiest fish available.

At “Only Fish,” all of the attention is on fish; the menu has no place for other meats. But there’s no need for chicken when there are so many delicious fish dishes to choose from.

Unique to this restaurant are the spicy masalas produced in-house and the traditional Konkani flavours infused into every dish by skilled cooks.

How satisfying do you find “Only Fish,” though? Simply said, it’s remarkable! Seafood fans will find paradise here, as the finest and freshest fish are served up with a healthy helping of Konkani flare. A trip here is a necessity if you find yourself in Hubli.

Points to Remember

  1. Don’t inquire about chicken or mutton; it’s all about the fish here.
  2. Arrive with an empty stomach to fully relish the seafood delights.
  3. Expect wallet-friendly prices.
  4. Keep in mind that the ambience is minimalistic.
  5. Be prepared to climb to the 3rd floor as there is no elevator available.


“Only Fish” is a paradise for seafood lovers, with a wide selection of delicious fish dishes. It’s a top-tier Hubli seafood spot with a lovely Konkani touch.

Pomfret, prawns, Indian salmon, seer, silver, and carp are all available, so they may satisfy the appetites of every fish-eater. Both the naked fried fish and the rava fry are delicious and provide a variety of spice levels to suit individual tastes. The fried fish with no breading packs a fiery punch, while the rava fry is more subtle.

The fish curry at “Only Fish” is prepared in the Konkani manner and comes with your choice of white or brown rice. The food selection may be small, but don’t let that fool you. I think you should give it a go.

Trust Google Maps to direct you to this seafood delicacy if finding the place proves difficult. A memorable seafood experience may be had for far less money at “Only Fish” than at “Fish Land,” as some may claim.

Nandagokul, behind Timmasagar temple,
Vidya Nagar, Hubballi,
Karnataka 580021

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