Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) has developed a new range of frozen items in India after the success of its Five Star Chicken brand, and they’ve gotten the support of none other than world-famous fighter Mary Kom. CP Foods has introduced a variety of exciting and tasty items to the market thanks to cutting-edge air-chilled technology.

These delectable items are made with chicken of the highest grade from CP’s Bio-Secure sanitary farms. The CP range of products is known for its delicious blend of herbs and spices. However, the issue of its actual quality and flavour remains.


I’m glad to hear that you found CP Foods’ Easy Snacks to be unique and tailored to the Indian palate. It’s great that they offer a wide variety of products, including vegetarian options. I’m looking forward to hearing your reviews of the specific products you tried, and I appreciate your intention to randomly test some more in the future. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with each product when you’re ready.

Chicken Burger Patty

It’s a regular Patty but felt very meaty. The crunchiness outside and juicy inside was up to the mark but I am not a really big fan of Patty this didn’t change my mind to like one.

Chrispy Chicken Popcorn

I liked Popcorn, frankly better than KFC popcorn. The flavouring is mild but really tasty because of its freshness and the crunchy masala on the outside. 

Chicken Cheezy Herb Fingers

The Chicken Cheezy Herb Fingers are wonderful, I mean I liked but I do have a complaint here. The salt is more or I could say that it feels salty. Probably because of the cheese but CP should really decrease the salt.

Supreme Chicken Nuggets

This is made for children. The mild flavouring, juicy and cheesy is something which any children or so to say anyone including me would munch on the whole day.

Breakfast Sausage

A decent flavoured sausage made with a healthy thought is little salty. I am sure it would taste good on the bun but the plain sausage tastes little salty.

Crispy Cheezy Jalapeno Bites

This is one of my favourites, I mean the Jalapeno goes well with the cheese and once you deep fry it, its magic. The outer layer is crispy, and crunchy and the inner part is juicy and delicious.

Mini Magic Cutlet

Potato-based nuggets are as normal as any other nuggets you get in the market. No irregularity in taste or quality of this product.

Cheezy Corn Dino Nuggets

Kids will love this, pretty shaped nuggets are kids’ favourite. They have maintained the flavours and spice level which matches up the kid’s appetite.

Tasty Veg Burger Patty

Potato-based  Burger Patty is frankly a normal patty. I didn’t find anything which brought out the WOW factor in me. Regular patty and nothing fancy.

Simply Squeezed

It’s fantastic to hear that Simply Squeezed, one of CP Foods’ newest products, left such a positive impression on you. The refreshing and unique flavours, especially the Masala Lime, seem to have delighted your taste buds. Your recommendation to try Simply Squeezed when visiting Five Star Chicken instead of opting for Pepsi or Coke is a valuable suggestion. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with this product!