New to Bangalore’s flourishing startup community, 48 East has a delectable array of pan-Asian cuisine. Their weekly rotating, vegetarian- and non-vegetarian-friendly (with delicious seafood choices) cuisine is what really sets them apart. While many new businesses have a burst of activity at the outset before fading away, 48 East stands out as a prospective enterprise for a number of good reasons. Several of these will be explored below.


The success of 48 East proves that it is more than simply another startup. This new company has made quite an impression because of its central concept: providing genuine pan-Asian food. 48 East is a potential enterprise with a bright future, supported by almost 50 years of combined expertise.

When it comes to the menu items itself, 48 East has a wide selection that includes both traditional Asian fare and innovative takes on those flavours. India is geographically located in Asia, however, the cuisine shown on 48 East is more representative of places farther east. They also serve dishes from the Middle East.

Anyone interested in cuisine or just wanting to try new and exciting flavours will appreciate 48 East’s well-researched, created, and selected dishes. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience that will stick in your mind.

The following are the cuisines which I had.

  • Spinach burnt garlic dim sum
  • Cheese and chilli baozi
  • Fish & prawn Sui Mai (Loved it)
  • Spicy Chicken gyoza
  • Tofu Satay
  • Corn on cane lollypops (Favourite)
  • Indonesian Chicken Satay
  • Chilli Plum wings
  • Teriyaki mushroom quesadilla
  • Som Tam Salad
  • Khow Suey Veg
  • Khow Suey Chicken (Favourite)
  • Bokchoy mushroom moon fan rice
  • Chicken Donner Pilavustu
  • Banana five nut roll (Average)
  • Nest of Dragon

I understand your enthusiasm and appreciation for 48 East, especially considering their ever-changing menu and the fact that you enjoyed nearly every dish you tried. It’s not every day that a startup leaves such a positive and lasting impression.

Your longing to have their cuisine again is a testament to the quality of their offerings. Hopefully, they’ll expand their reach to more areas in the future so you can enjoy their delicious food again.

Your recommendation to your followers is a testament to your positive experience, and it’s a wonderful way to share your enthusiasm and support for 48 East. It’s evident that you’ve found something truly special in their culinary offerings.


More Pics

Spinach burnt garlic dim sum
Fish & prawn Sui Mai
Cheese and chilli baozi
Spicy Chicken gyoza
Tofu Satay
Chilli Plum wings
Corn on cane lollypops
Indonesian Chicken Satay
Teriyaki mushroom quesadilla
Som Tam Salad
Khow Suey Chicken
Chicken Donner Pilavustu
Khow Suey Veg
Nest of Dragon
Banana five nut roll