Unwinding breakfast stories – An experience with Brekkie, Bangalore.
Bangalore is currently experiencing a culinary revolution, with food startups like Brekkie leading the way in experimental entrepreneurship, putting the city on the national map. From upscale international chains to charming neighborhood eateries, the city is attracting attention for its innovative food ventures.

Now, let’s delve into the story of one such food delivery pioneer, Brekkie, true to its name, they specialize in breakfast. They’ve become my reliable, quick-fix breakfast plan. With a fresh menu every day, their breakfast bags are a godsend for those with busy schedules who don’t have the time to whip up a morning meal. After all, skipping breakfast and later gulping down anything just to replenish lost energy isn’t the best idea.

I discovered Brekkie through a friend’s recommendation and decided to give it a shot one weekend, expecting something special on a Saturday. I pre-ordered my breakfast via WhatsApp. They promptly shared their menu and were exceptionally friendly, earning extra points for their hassle-free delivery process. You can place your order on weekdays the same morning between 7:45 and 10:45 AM, available in specific areas in Bangalore. They also have a convenient cart stationed near KFC on Indiranagar’s 100ft road if you prefer to pick up your breakfast in person.

What was my breakfast –

A savoury sandwich – cheese, bell peppers (single bread)

A sweet sandwich – peanut butter and sliced banana (single bread)

Fresh Mediterranean pasta salad, Grilled veggie sandwich and Choco rings

A mixed fruit smoothie

What I liked about Brekkie–

  1. Friendly and Warm Staff: The staff at Brekkie were welcoming and friendly.
  2. Easy Ordering and Payment Options: You found the process of ordering and making payments to be straightforward.
  3. Clockwork Precision Delivery: Brekkie’s delivery service was punctual and reliable.
  4. Neat Website: The website provided a clean and user-friendly interface.
  5. Mixed Fruit Smoothie (a bit sweet): You enjoyed the mixed fruit smoothie but found it slightly on the sweeter side.
  6. The Lovely Brown Bag: The packaging or presentation of your order was appealing and well done.

What I didn’t Like–

The portion size of the food I received was quite disappointing, especially given the price I paid (INR 120 for Saturday breakfast, as opposed to INR 80 on weekdays). Unfortunately, the meal didn’t have any standout qualities. In fact, it felt more like a children’s takeout breakfast.

The pasta salad, while decent, was rather standard and nothing to write home about. The quantity of the salad was so meager that it barely surpassed the amount of chutney that typically accompanies a masala dosa. It was merely enough for a taste.

One aspect that left me concerned is their lack of ingredient transparency. I believe it’s crucial for them to disclose the ingredients they use, especially because I found peanut butter in a sweet sandwich, to which I have a mild allergy. I strongly advocate for a full disclosure of their ingredients.

As someone who values eco-friendly practices, I’d like to suggest that they reduce their reliance on disposable plastic straws, spoons, and containers and instead opt for biodegradable alternatives. Starting with the use of brown bags is a positive step in the right direction.

I’m willing to give them another chance, perhaps on a weekday, in the hope of being more impressed with their food quality. In the meantime, I encourage you to give them a try, as their commitment to delivering the most important meal of the day right to your doorstep is evident, even if there’s room for improvement in other aspects.

Order up

Ph: +91-9008504094

Available in Indiranagar | Ulsoor | MG road | Lavelle road | New Thippasandra | Jeevan Bhima Nagar | EGL | Diamond district | Koramangala | HSR Layout