There has been a lot of talk about the new company Biryaneez Biryani Noodles on TV and social media. Surely many of you have heard of these noodles and are looking forward to the opportunity to test them. The thought of tasting these delicious noodles piqued my interest, too.

I was browsing the aisles of a convenience shop when the kind clerk handed me a single bag of these noodles. I usually buy at least 10 boxes of noodles at a time, so I enquired about bulk pricing. To my dismay, they were either out of stock or no longer available. At that point, I couldn’t contain my eagerness to get my hands on any, and I wanted to go home quickly.

When I first opened the package, the seasoning powder emitted a delightful scent. Really, it was irresistible. But as I started preparing the meal, a sudden insight hit me. Do you know the feeling when you go to see a movie starring your favourite hero and halfway through you start to feel disappointed that you wasted your time and money on it? The way I felt after eating these noodles was really similar.


Biryaneez Biryani Noodles Review | Cooked Noodles

Without a doubt, Biryaneez Biryani Noodles is one of the most dissatisfying noodle experiences I’ve ever had. This is a really harsh remark, and I realise it may not go down well with the Biryaneez staff. Nonetheless, I feel obligated to provide my honest assessment of this offering.

Many of you probably already know this about me, but I am an enthusiastic meat eater and skilled chef. Since the very idea of Biryani Noodles intrigued me, I couldn’t wait to eat them. As I indicated before, I had great hopes, but the final result was really disappointing.

When you first open the bag of Biryani Noodles masala, the aroma is intoxicating. However, as it comes into contact with water, it emits a peculiar and unpleasant odour. More specifically, it’s reminiscent of rotting chicken. The actual noodles leave a lot to be desired as well since they are often too sticky. The combination of these variables when cooking, however, is the most depressing. What you get when you combine the cooking powder with the noodles smells like your worst day on steroids.

Being a blogger meant that I had to overcome my aversion to the thought of eating these particularly acrid noodles. Unfortunately, it was something I wouldn’t want on my worst enemy. Neither the sight nor the smell of the putrid meat powders made it any more palatable. I tried one noodle and quickly threw the rest away.

If you’re thinking of trying these noodles, please don’t. I’d go so far as to say they’re some of the worst noodles I’ve ever eaten. It’s probable that Biryaneez is paying for the endorsements of alleged food bloggers who write about their experiences with their products.

An Open Letter to Biryaneez Biryani Noodles:

To the Biryaneez crew,

I think your business would do much better if you focused on improving your product rather than spending money on marketing and trying to get phoney reviews from questionable blogs. The idea behind Biryaneez is interesting, however, the quality of your products should be your first priority.

I think it’s crucial that you put resources into researching and improving the product’s flavour. Please get in touch with me as soon as you feel you have made sufficient progress. I’d be happy to give it another go and provide a revised opinion. I will revise my rating upward if I discover that the product’s flavour and quality have been enhanced.

Sending positive vibes and wishes for a prosperous and delicious future for Biryaneez!


Biryaneez Biryani Noodles Review in Hand