White Smoke Barbeque Kitchen

White Smoke Barbeque is the first barbecue centre in the north west side of Bangalore, strategically located on Dr. Raj Kumar Road, Rajajinagar Entrance. White Smoke Barbeque is a part of Fairfield by Marriott hotels and Its located on the 7th floor (H7) with a romantic pool view. White Smoke Barbeque is a very new place and it looks beautiful. First time I entered this place, I was blown away by the looks of it. White Smoke Barbeque can be said as a romantic place and If you foodies like to take your date out then you can hit this place because of it amazing looks and ambiance. White Smoke Barbeque has a good set of experienced chefs who will make your taste buds happy, that’s what they promised me. It is also a very new restaurant therefore It might take a while to settle the thing up but frankly this place would hit high and of-course malleshwaram foodies and rajajinagar foodies would love to hangout gang out here.

White Smoke Barbeque Cheese Paneer Salad

Points to Remember:

1. Not a budget place, Its little on the higher side
2. Romantic Place, So i don’t recommend single entry.
3. Drunkards, watch out for the pool area
4. Meet the friendly chefs
5. Vegetarians & Vegans also have options


White Smoke Barbeque, A wonderful name for a wonderful place. Its a place for delicious ‘Bar’becues so ordering Drinks and Diet is a must. They have a small barbecue options but frankly very intelligently constructed and Its very delicious. The one thing funny which happened is that the chefs experimented on us foodies to know more about indian or bengaluru foodies and trust me I love such kind of experiments. Coming to food, I think the dishes were amazing, flourish and 80% Mediterranean which is cool comparatively to other Mediterranean restaurants around Bangalore which are less than 60%. We were served about 9 to 10 different dish from starter to dessert and frankly I had a mixed reaction towards these dishes. Let me give you point wise names and reviews about that particular dish

White Smoke Barbeque Amuse Bouche, Ragi Savory Mousse

1. Amuse Bouche (Ragi Savory Mousse): Sounds different? It looks different too. Ragi is a lesser known ingredient to the world and a blend with Mediterranean flavor is not only unique but a very interesting idea. Amuse Bouche tasted unique and I cant really call this as a starter but whatever i got on plate, I was happy. Ragi will surely make you think “Kabab Mein Haddi” but that’s how it is and Its a must try dish.

White Smoke Barbeque, Minestrone Genovese. Calm Soup

2. Minestrone Genovese Soup: It is a typical Mediterranean dish and frankly it tasted fresh. The aroma was filling up and the taste was spiraling on my mouth. Because this dish can be adopted for any kind of flavor I would have added some cracked pepper and little more salt to give that extra punch.

3. Clam Soup: Calm Soup is basically an America and a Chinese blended dish and I have no idea why they have added in the list of Mediterranean food however the soup was on the spot. It was hitting the taste buds and the clam didn’t have that sea creature smell or whatever you can call it. The clam was fresh and well seasoned, soup gave that extra punch and again I wanted little pepper on that.

White Smoke Barbeque, Salmon

4. Salmon: My best dish of the day would definitely go to salmon tandoori which had amazing flavors, taste and aroma. Salmon was totally fresh and perfectly cooked and it was really taste was really blended. I would pay thousand bucks for just this dish and I met the young chef who was making this and he felt so confident before serving. hats off

White Smoke Barbeque, Charred Corn Chicken

5. Charred Corn Chicken: This was a disaster, oh god the chicken was overly cooked on grill therefore it was totally hard to eat and on top of that they had added red wine and ya, that’s a tsunami. Frankly I don’t know who like such kind of mysterious taste but i felt like a zombie after tasting that.

6. Haloumi: A simple dish which has roasted vegetables and a normal seasoning therefore not much to talk about it. Cheese was tasting little salty but with crispy veges, I think it blended well.

White Smoke Barbeque, Grilled Seekh Kabab

7. Grilled Seekh Kebab: Actually I felt like typical indian after having thing because the seekh tasted indian with some good quality of spices and chilli. Totally kickass dish and I would visit here to have this seekh with beer.

White Smoke Barbeque, Potato Wedges

8. Potato Wedges: Potato Wedges was unique, the bottom of the potato was roasted and the upper portion was filled up with mash potato, well seasoned and a good dish.


White Smoke Barbeque, Berry Panna Cotta

9. Berry Panna Cotta: where can I start? Panna Cotta with Fresh Red Berries is one of the best ever thing which happened to me. Panna Cotta was perfect, well sweetened and sour flavor of Red currant was good and it was really a closing dish.
Finally, I would give one suggestion to BBQ chefs that I would really prefer a little spice because Indians love spice and I think use less of red wine and keep the chicken tender. other than that I think it was a nice dinner. I would suggest every other foodie to come here and taste their amazing soup, salmon and the classic panna cotta and I am sure, you will come back for more.

Almost forgot, Master Chef Mr.Ajeet Kumar is an excellent Chef and Keep up the good work bud. Feed us foodies with more unique dishes.

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White Smoke Barbeque, Menu


White Smoke Barbeque,
7th Floor (H7)
Fairfield by Marriott,
59th C Cross, 4th M Block,
Rajajinagar Entrance,
Bangalore- 10
Phone:080 49470020