Veena Stores was the most appealing of all the locations I went to as a foodie. It just so happened that I stumbled onto this spot in the wee hours of the night following a dull gathering. I had been waiting impatiently for a tasty snack and was quite ravenous. There was an enormous throng when I discovered these Veena Stores. Food there was flying off the shelves, despite the store’s diminutive size. I ordered one of the dishes without thinking twice, and it was delicious. Another essential thing that I saw is that they prioritise the hygiene of their meals, regardless of the size of the establishment. Not only is this spot in bustling Malleshwaram worth the price, but it also serves some of the best tiffin options in Bengaluru.

Points to remember:

  • Enjoy the delicious meals without any pretence at this restaurant.
  • Because this eatery is on a one-way street, customers are asked to keep their meals on the sidewalk.
  • This is the spot for you if you’re extremely health-aware.
  • Follow the Brahmin code of conduct and abstain from eating onion and garlic.
  • They won’t serve sambar if you ask for it. 

Veena Stores Review-

Heavenly idlis are the first stop on the culinary excursion that awaits you at Veena Stores. If you’re not feeling sambar, try these idlis instead; they’re delightful and almost melt in your mouth thanks to their cloud-like smoothness and the scorching bite of the spicy pudina chutney. The original preparation, which involves crushing the ingredients by hand using a traditional grinding stone, is what sets this chutney apart and leads to its peak flavour.

Crispy Vadas are just one more way the symphony of tastes and textures that defines this restaurant shines. You can’t go wrong with any of the mouth-watering dishes from the menu’s exquisite assortment of South Indian favourites, such as Upma, Kesari bath, and Shavige bath (vermicelli Upma/Indian Noodles).

A little less ghee would take the already delicious Kesari bath to the next level, but it is a sweet wonder that enchants the palate with its richness. The care and skill used to prepare this dish is indicative of the effort put into providing a memorable meal.

More than just a restaurant, Veena Stores is a haven for gourmets. With its irresistible aroma and limitless portions of rice, this restaurant guarantees a satisfying and unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant’s delectable cuisine is the perfect way to unwind after a morning run or find peace on an evening stroll.

In conclusion, foodies will find paradise at Veena Stores, where the promise of endless portions, classic preparation methods, and perfectly balanced flavours come together to make for an experience you won’t soon forget. This hidden culinary treasure is waiting for you; it will take your taste buds and senses on an unforgettable adventure, so don’t pass up the opportunity to dine there.

Veena Stores Address-

183, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Ph: 23344838

Timings: 6 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 8 pm