Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles are a fiery and spicy variant of precooked and dried instant noodles sold with flavoured seasonings. Top Ramen, which is Nissin’s original long “squiggly” noodle, is also known as Smoodles. These instant noodles take just 3 minutes to prepare and are known for their delicious flavours. The new Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles, in particular, are hot and delicious, offering a spicy and tasty experience.


The new Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles present a fiery and spicy appearance with a bold red color. These noodles are well-balanced in terms of flavours, and the increased spiciness gives them an extra kick. Both the dry noodles and the seasoning are infused with the fiery red chilli flavour, resulting in a vibrant and spicy dish. While the noodles maintain their smooth texture, the spiciness takes the overall experience to a whole new level. The combination of the well-managed chilli flavouring and the noodles creates an exciting twist for your taste buds. In conclusion, the new Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles are definitely worth a try, and I believe all you foodies out there will appreciate them.

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Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles Review
Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles Review
Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles Review Inside
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3 Replies to “Top Ramen Fiery Chilli Noodles”

  1. This noodles is smooth like the other Top Ramen noodles but the spiciness takes it to a whole new level.
    I have to disagree here.
    These noodles are actually better than the normal Top Ramen flavor they have been selling for decades now.
    I won't talk about the vast difference in the tastemaker, but here just for the noodles only.
    These noodles are on par with KOKA which are very springy and almost zero on starch and noticeable gluten content. They turn a slight tint of translucent on fully cooked. All the more if you leave it in a covered pan with some liquid at the bottom for about 10-15 minutes. During this time, the noodles soak up even more of the residual broth, and they still retain the slipperiness. I would even contemplate that they are using a small portion of potato starch, tapioca flour or something of the sort that is used by KOKA and MAMA.

    Ultimately, these are probably the best Nissin has come up till date, and I hope they introduce the original Chikin Ramen version somehow as closely replicated as possible, since other dubious brands like Maggi have included Chicken flavors too recently.

  2. Any idea what the spice mix is made up of? I get this herby flavor that stands out but I'm not able to figure out what it is.

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