Malleshwaram is a true haven for food enthusiasts, deeply rooted in its rich history and culture. Situated in the northwestern part of Bangalore, this neighbourhood’s name, “Malleshwaram,” is said to be derived from “Kaadu Malleshwara.” Officially established in 1898, some sources suggest that Malleshwaram has a much older history dating back over 7000 years.

The culinary heritage of Malleshwaram is equally remarkable, owing much of its uniqueness to the predominant Brahmin population in the area. With this rich historical backdrop, how many of you have had the pleasure of discovering the hidden gems among Malleshwaram’s exceptional eateries?

1. CTR or Sri Sagar – A historic Place in Malleshwaram serving delicious Benne Dose and Mangalore Bajji. 

2. Veena Stores – Veena Stores is an ancient roadside food joint serving delicious Idlis, Pongal and all Brahmin stuff.

3. Raghavendra Stores – Located next to the Malleshwaram railways station. This food joint serves amazing Kesari Bath, Kara bath and Chowchow Bath.

4. Parota Point – or The Fast Food is located on the 18th cross of Malleshwaram known for its delicious Parathas and gravy.

5. New Krishna Bhavan – An ancient place known for its Zero Food Wastage Policy.

6. Halli Mane – From delicious Akki Roti to Ragi Roti, this place is best for eating some authentic Karnataka cuisine.

7. Janatha Hotel – Known famously for its Madduru Vada, this place serves some yummy masala dosas and Idlis. It is located on the famous 8th cross of Malleshwaram.

8. Asha Sweets – Delicious badam milk, yummy Bengali sweets and of course chats. This sweet shop is sweeter than you think. 

9. Sri Sairam’s Chats & Juice Centre – Famous for its varieties of chats, this place serves you more than 50 different chat items and a special one is dedicated to MES College.

10. The Higher Taste Bakery – ISKCON Bangalore bakery products. Well! We all know how delicious it is.