For those who prefer a plant-based diet, Bangalore is a haven. I went to the ISKCON Temple, and this was proven to me again. It is truly fortunate to receive food as Prasadam and to have the blessings of the Lord. For vegans, the greatest location to eat is at Higher Taste, which is located inside the temple complex. Among the many things that set this restaurant apart is the fact that every item on the menu is 100 per cent Satvik. Secondly, all the foods are Krishna Prasadam because they are offered to Lord Krishna who is sitting on the throne on Hare Krishna Hill. It is a wonderful spot to be and act like a Hare Krishna because of the wonderful atmosphere here.

Three cheers to this place for the following reasons:

  • Whether it is a family outing or a temple visit, you can surely enjoy the With so many delicious options, this restaurant is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re visiting a temple or just taking the family out for a picnic.
  • What more could you want from the only restaurant serving Satvik cuisine?
  • They provide a wide selection of mocktails. Isn’t it unusual to find Satvik cuisine and mocktails served in the same restaurant?

Points to remember:

  • Be a Hare Krishna
  • Vegetarian only, so don’t order chicken
  • Don’t use offensive language as it’s a temple
  • You will not get any spiritual elevation however respect the food as it is Prasadam.

Facilities provided at The Higher Taste  

  • Air Conditioned
  • Pleasant Music
  • Satvik Food only
  • Everything is Krishna Prasadam

The Higher Taste Review:- 

With space for up to 100 diners spread out over two stories, this restaurant is more than simply a place to eat. Guests are enticed to the first floor by the promise of a delicious buffet meal, a culinary extravaganza that suits a variety of tastes. A mesmerising assortment of North Indian and South Indian specialities awaits on the second floor, where a tantalising menu is unveiled, promising a symphony of flavours for every discriminating diner.

The restaurant offers a variety of mocktails that will add a refreshing touch to your experience. Although the non-alcoholic drinks have their uses, a more discriminating taster might detect a faint acidity that, while not overbearing, would be enhanced with a little more emphasis on flavour profiles.

As a first course, the starters offer a fascinating blend of cheese and spices, weaving a culinary tapestry that is both delicious and somewhat mystical. The unusual combination of tastes gives the meal its personality and sets the tone for what’s to come.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you have to sample the Vedic coffee, ice cream, and pastries. In particular, the pastries are well-received because of the delightfully frantic state of mind they induce in the taste buds. Every mouthful is a tribute to the dedication to providing a decadent eating experience and a joyous celebration of the skill of the cooks.

This restaurant is a haven for individuals who value a spiritually-infused meal, in my opinion as a self-proclaimed foodie. It is an enticing location for foodies due to the convergence of varied tastes, the welcoming atmosphere stretched out over two stories, and the tantalising assortment of treats. This restaurant is like a culinary pilgrimage that you can’t miss if you love fine dining as much as I do. It’s more than simply a restaurant; it’s an immersive dining experience that marries the pleasure of eating with a spiritual dimension, making an unforgettable impression on both the palate and the spirit.

Foods To Try and Taste at The Higher Taste-

  • Buffet Lunch & Dinner 
  • Ice Creams & Pastries
  • Vedic Coffee 

The Higher Taste Address

ISKCON Temple Complex, Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 

Ph- 080 22766501

Timings- 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 7 PM to 10:30 PM

Costs: Approx Rs. 1000 for two (VAT & Service Charges extra)