IE (I) The Bangalore Cafe

The Bangalore Cafe is a very nice name and this place really looks good located in the middle of Cunningham road and Infantry road, in front of “The New Indian Express”. I used to see this place but today I decided to go inside and try some of their dishes but soon I realized that I have made a wrong decision. Let me tell you about the review later but its a very good place to hangout and gang-out and as its in the center of the city its a nice place.

Points to Remember:

1. Bangalore Cafe is technically not a cafe, so remember that
2. They have both veg and non-veg
3. They serve mixed Continental too.


So where can i start well, let me start with saying “BAD FOOD”. Oh yeah, this Bangalore Cafe should have a tagline “Not For Humans”. This is the only place in the world I have spent more money and eaten more just to find out the right dish but what so ever all the dishes were bad. I ordered Prawn which had a weird smell, next I ordered Biriyani and it tasted little good and then ordered chicken gravy, chilli chicken and kashmir kofta and everything tasted bad. I spent a lot for that shit and I am really feeling bad about. I think this is the only restaurant where i have spent a lot to have a awful food. Foodies please Never ever in your life go there, The food tastes bad and the meat they give is old.