My introduction to Shuchi Ruchi restaurant came about when my mom started raving about it, emphasizing that the chef is remarkable and appears on TV. Apparently, the show is called ‘Oggarane Dabbi,’ and my mom seems to have an unwavering faith in the host of the program. While I can’t be overly critical about the show, I personally find it somewhat simplistic because the host, Murali, tends to endorse everyone and everything, proclaiming that everything is excellent.

Nevertheless, at my mom’s request, we decided to pay Shuchi Ruchi a visit. The restaurant was a small, two-door shop setup, and it was bustling with a crowd of people. I was eager to try the food from Shuchi Ruchi, and we ended up ordering a wide variety of dishes. However, what transpired next is something I believe I’ll never forget in my life. You can read all about it in the review section, and I assure you, it’s a surprising turn of events.

Shuchi Ruchi Restaurant Review | Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Points to Remember:

  1. Shuchi Ruchi is essentially a roadside eatery, so it’s a place where you stand and eat rather than having a traditional dine-in setup.
  2. The establishment’s appearance may not be very attractive, as it’s a modest setup.
  3. The crowded nature of the place can lead to confusion, with many people trying to figure out the menu and place their orders.


Shuchi Ruchi presented an exciting first impression with a bustling crowd of people indulging in food. However, the experience took a different turn, one that opened my eyes to a new reality. We explored a variety of dishes, from Benne Dosa to Paneer Manchurian, Dabeli, and Masala Puri. While the food looked delicious, it ultimately fell below expectations.

Dabeli, considered their signature dish, was a significant disappointment. Even my mom, who had recommended the place, disliked it. The paneer was sour and unpalatable, and the chaats didn’t meet the mark. On a positive note, the Benne Dosa stood out as a good dish, with a satisfying crispiness and an enchanting aroma of butter.

This experience led me to believe that perhaps authentic restaurant reviews by TV personalities, such as those featured on ‘Oggarane Dabbi,’ might be more reliable. I’d recommend Shuchi Ruchi to reevaluate and improve the taste and quality of their food to ensure long-term success.

Temple Rd, 10th Cross,
Near Yalappa Garden,
Malleswaram, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560003
Ph: 080 4965 2450

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Shuchi Ruchi Restaurant Review | Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Shuchi Ruchi Restaurant Review | Malleshwaram, Bangalore

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