A gastronomic icon in Bangalore, Shivaji Military Hotel has been serving a mosaic of tastes since its founding in 1935 by the visionary Manji Rao. His great-grandsons Rajeev Rao and Lokesh Rao continue the family business, which is now a popular spot for those who enjoy non-vegetarian Maratha cuisine.

Points to Remember

  • Start searching for a spot early in the day.
  • Simply request the Biryani since there is no menu.
  • Stay away from the table for a while.
  • Outside of the restaurant, not at the table, is where you’ll make your payment.

Shivaji Military Hotel Review

The famous Donne Pulao, widely considered to be among the greatest in Bengaluru, is the restaurant’s most distinctive feature. Despite the Maratha designation, the flavours are a delicious blend with a Mysore influence. Spices abound on the menu at the Shivaji Military Hotel, where creations like Donne Pulao and Fry with Chicken and Mutton Gravy served elegantly on a Banana Leaf are just a few examples. Famous Paya Soup gives a genuine touch to those seeking an early morning treat.

The meals at this restaurant are known for their exceptional spiciness and luscious fatty, greasy texture, which are created by the use of raw, powerful, and intense spices. The meat is cooked to perfection thanks to careful preparation, and customers will want more with every taste. Despite its high praise, the Paya Soup may use a little more heat, so there’s room for development.

Among the several appetisers served at the Shivaji Military Hotel, the Meaticious Donne Biryani stands out. Other popular options are chicken, mutton, and leg fries. These appetisers are so delicious, that you’ll want to come early to enjoy them all because they’re limited edition. I can confidently say that this is the place that everyone should visit. When you stay at the Shivaji Military Hotel, you’re not merely ordering Mutton Donne Pulao; you’re getting an experience that’s unlike any other.


No. 718, 1st C Main, 45th Cross,
8th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560082
Phone: +91-9845149217