SGS Non-Veg, located in the Chickpet or Cottonpet area of Bangalore, is a legendary haven for those seeking an authentic culinary experience, specifically Donne Biryani (Gundu Palav). This historic Donne Biryani Centre is a place that frequently garners inquiries, and for those unfamiliar with its whereabouts, this review aims to provide some much-needed guidance.

SGS Non-Veg is renowned for specializing exclusively in Donne Biryani, and it arguably offers the best rendition of this dish not only in Bangalore but across the entire state of Karnataka. It’s worth noting that this restaurant operates on all days except Mondays and Saturdays, and it exclusively serves meals during the morning and afternoon hours. So, if you’ve heard that it’s open only on Sundays, this information should clarify things.

Now, regarding the restaurant’s location, it may not be in the most upscale or friendly neighbourhood, and it might resemble a humble locality. However, don’t be misled by the surroundings. SGS Non-Veg maintains impeccable cleanliness standards, ensuring that the food is prepared under highly hygienic conditions. It’s a true gem for authentic Donne Biryani lovers in search of an exceptional culinary adventure.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the quintessential Donne Biryani, steeped in the rich tradition of authentic Kshatriya style. It’s not an exaggeration to claim that this restaurant, the true progenitor of Donne Biryani, reigns supreme when it comes to taste. I would bet on its excellence without hesitation.

From the enticing aroma that captivates your senses, to the impeccable appearance, and finally, the taste that dances on your palate, every aspect of this biryani is an absolute delight. It’s an experience that satisfies all your senses and leaves you thoroughly content.

You have the choice to savour the biryani on the spot, which I strongly recommend. They serve it in a Donne (leaf bowl), and the aroma is so irresistible that you’ll want to dive into that delicious rice as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can opt to take it home, and they have thoughtfully packaged it in well-presented plastic containers for your convenience.

For anyone in search of Cottonpete Donne Biryani or Chickpete Donne Biryani and who has been unsure of the restaurant’s name and location, this review provides the answers. This is the original, and other websites or sources claiming otherwise should be taken with a grain of salt. I can speak from two decades of localized experience, and this is the real deal.


No.21, 2nd Cross,
K V Temple Street Cross,
Chickpete, Bangalore – 560053
Ph: 9341246466
Timings: Tuesday – Friday: 10 AM to 2 PM
Sunday: 8 AM to 12 Noon
Monday & Saturday: Holiday

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  1. Place of location is not a slum IMO. It is the old Bangalore area of Cubbon/Cotton/Akki pet and most are small gully areas here.

  2. Even i have tasted the biryani there. It is authentic simple and flaverous Donne Biryani. We are having there since 30 years. Its not slum bit gully area that's it. Good one. Thank you for the post on it.

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