Visiting Tirupati? After Srinivasa Govinda’s Darshan, would you like some tasty, genuine non-vegetarian food? After that, for something really unique and authentically spicy, stop into Reddamma Mess on Beri Street (Beri Veedhi).

Take a wild guess as to how old this jumble is; my dad used to bring me here when I was a kid (around 12–13 years ago), and he came here when he was younger. The name of the mess was floating around in my memory, but I completely forgot the place. Sadly, no one knew about this problem last year when we asked around, but this year in Tirupati, I asked an auto walla about it, and he offered me a first clue. Following that lead, we questioned the hotel manager, who, much to my astonishment, was both familiar with the location and taken aback by my knowledge of it. When he inquired as to my origin, I just responded, “Yeah, for food, I am local everywhere.”

A cab driver dropped us off at the same spot after we managed to get the address. Nothing has changed in terms of how the paint looks, so I saw it right away. Peddamma or Reddamma sat at the entryway, welcoming visitors, just as they had in the past, so we stepped inside. Our clothes were so Bangaloreon that we appeared to be Westerners. Still, we followed Reddamma’s directions and entered the building. Everything remained the same in terms of arrangement, from the benches to the people.

Points to Remember

  • It is undeniably chaotic.
  • Surprisingly eerie considering how close it is to home.
  • Acknowledge Reddamma as she enters
  • Try it out; the service is unique.

Reddamma Mess Review

Although Reddamma Mess is most known for its mouth-watering meat dishes, it also serves vegetarian options. The restaurant takes great delight in serving a wide variety of dishes that reflect a strong military flair, with a menu that spans the spectrum of tastes. Reddamma Mess introduces itself as a multipurpose paradise for foodies with its trio of meats—Chicken, Mutton (Lamb), and Fish—gracefully taking centre stage.

Offering an exceptional variety of Andhra delicacies, this restaurant is undeniably a culinary treasure in Tirupati. It is an expedition only to place an order. At the outset, customers are given the option between biryani and rice. Having the choice between rice and biryani is a considerate gesture, even though the biryani didn’t suit my taste. Then another server shows along with a platter of appetising dishes like Kheema, Mutton Fry, Boti, Chicken Fry, and Mutton Brain Masala. An intriguing touch is the option to choose your food by pointing to it when it is placed on your banana leaf.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that every single one of the dishes was expertly prepared. The quality was always top-notch, and the flavours went well together. Finally, when it came time to pay the bill, I was briefly confused, unable to remember all the many dishes I had enjoyed during our meal. But the helpful crew, headed by the competent Reddamma, handled the transaction without a hitch. The fact that the waiter didn’t take the money himself is a reflection of the establishment’s values and a small wink to the fact that it has local clout.

Finally, a trip to Reddamma Mess is sure to be an extraordinary culinary experience. A must-try for Andhra cuisine connoisseurs, thanks to the extensive menu, novel ordering system, and faultless service. Without question, Reddamma Mess has established itself as a local culinary powerhouse, inviting everyone to experience its delectable dishes.

Reddamma Mess Address

#1/1/25/31, Beri Street (Beri Veedhi), Behind Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh – 517501

Photos from Reddamma Mess

Reddamma (Pedamma)
Reddamma (Pedamma) – Photo taken by Jayanth Dev