Pristine Organics is a leading producer of organic and nutritious goods, and they have become known for their innovative utilisation of various millets. Their bread and cookies are both delicious and made with all-natural ingredients like organic millets. Pristine is dedicated to delivering nutritious food alternatives that support a healthy way of life by placing a premium on nutritional research and diet formulas.

I won’t deny that I wasn’t always Pristine’s biggest fan, but she was instrumental in changing my mind about millets. Having tried a few of their wares, I have to say that I am impressed. Please let me tell you about my experiments with these products.

Products Reviewed:

Organic Millet biscuits (Normal & Diet)

Millet Flakes
Ragi Flour
Organic Coffee
Basil Seeds


I’ll be honest and say that my experience with millets before this was limited, and the phrase itself was unfamiliar to me. However, the new interest in millets has sparked my interest for the correct reasons. Here we have Pristine Organics, a company that uses millets to make a wide variety of exciting goods. Let me tell you what I thought of the things I got to try:

  1. Organic Multi-Millet Bread: This bread was a delightful surprise. It resembled regular bread in taste and texture, and I couldn’t detect a distinct millet flavour. It’s a healthier alternative that blends seamlessly into your meals.
  2. Organic Millet Biscuits: I sampled two types of biscuits—a regular cookie and a diet biscuit. I found myself enjoying the regular millet biscuit more, perhaps because I prefer a touch of sweetness in my cookies.
  3. Millet Flakes: These Millet Flakes were a pleasant discovery. With a hint of apple sweetness and a satisfying satiety factor, they make for an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their fat intake. I admit I had reservations about their taste, but Pristine Organics proved me wrong.
  4. Organic Ragi Flour: The quality of the Ragi Flour stood out. Its smooth texture makes it ideal for preparing Ragi Ball or Mudde, and it’s certainly a cut above the regular options available.
  5. Organic Coffee: Here, Pristine Organics faced a bit of a hiccup. The coffee’s aroma was a letdown, and the taste left much to be desired.
  6. Basil Seeds: On a brighter note, the Basil Seeds were of premium quality. No endorsement is needed; I encourage you to try them for yourself.

Pristine Organics has done an excellent job of creating a variety of millet products that not only aid health but also have delicious flavours. I really value their encouragement as I try to make positive changes in my life. Pristine Organics is an excellent choice whether you’re attempting to lose weight or just want to improve your diet. You have to try their bread, biscuits, Ragi flour, and Flakes.

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