Petoo, sometimes spelled as “Pay-To,” is an emerging player in the food delivery startup scene, gaining traction in select areas of Bangalore. Despite the fierce competition in the industry, Petoo has its own unique appeal, and I have a few reasons to believe this.

Petoo specializes in offering a delectable array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani, complemented by appetizing starters and a delightful complimentary dessert with every order – a truly enticing proposition. The core focus of Petoo is on Indian cuisine, and I believe this strategic choice can be successful if they consider a few key aspects, as outlined in this review.

Notably, Petoo’s strong strategic vision and well-thought-out marketing plan are promising indicators of their potential to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving food industry.


While I appreciate the enthusiasm in branding Petoo as foodies, I would hesitate to bestow that title too quickly, based on my recent dining experience with their offerings. I had ordered Boneless Biryani, Chicken Tikka, and Paneer Tikka for a comprehensive review, but my experience left me wanting in certain aspects.

The Boneless Biryani arrived well-cooked, beautifully presented, and impeccably packaged. However, the disappointment set in as I took my first bite – the biryani was excessively salty, and this saltiness extended to the boneless chicken within, rendering the dish somewhat less appealing.

Moving on to the Paneer Tikka, I found the paneer lacking the desired firmness and freshness, and once again, the unwelcome saltiness detracted from the overall experience. In contrast, the Chicken Tikka proved to be a redeeming item on the menu. It was skillfully prepared, with perfect seasoning, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On a sweeter note, the dessert, Jamoon, was an absolute delight. It was generously sized, truly awesome, and served as the ideal conclusion to my meal.

In summary, Petoo has room for improvement in certain aspects of their menu, but their Chicken Tikka and delectable Jamoon dessert were highlighted which suggests the potential for a more enjoyable dining experience with them.

Menu Options – The limited menu options at Petoo are a deliberate choice, and I believe it’s a wise one. Instead of expanding rapidly, they should focus on perfecting what they currently offer before considering any further additions. Quality should always take precedence over quantity, and this approach will help them refine their existing offerings to deliver a more satisfying dining experience.

Delivery – Looks promising

Cost –  Was not bad at all however I feel that they should reduce the price of their vegetarian food.


Suggestion to Petoo

1. Salt might mess up things so please concentrate on the same.
2. Hire a foodie taster
3. Check the cold storage system
4. Marketing & Content should be well organized, you can contact me for some help… Indeed

Hope these changes would be implemented as soon as possible for foodie satisfaction.
But guys, trust me this will be a heavy weight in few months from now.


197/4, Sadguru Sainath international school road,

Kudlu village, Off Harlur road

Bangalore – 560068


phone: 080-6999-0091

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  1. Never ever think of buying franchise of Petoo ..they are the worst company ever seen in business ..they cheated me big time

  2. Very well assessed by the writer. Please be careful in investing on the brand as they have a long way to go. The food is a mess at the moment. I lost my money but don’t want others to lose.

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    998677458 is my number.
    It will be a critical and valuable information to decide.

  4. Dear Friends, My name is Burgess, I want to take a Petoo franchise in Hosur Bangalore.
    I can't understand how they can cheat me or how I will lose money if I invest in Petoo franchise.
    Please can you share your experience with me on 9822816759

  5. Pl visit for food taste which is best in country . Owner involvement /selection of poor place driven by low rent rather choosing food street /no focus on customer feedback on zomatoo/google /unfriendly staff has been reason for low sales .

  6. Unknown- Most of Franchisee post taking franchisee

    -They decide to put stores on low rental low traffic area – Restaurant only can survive on 2 counts
    -Place is high traffic food mkt ( which was not placed )
    -Owner never visited outlet – Rating of stores below 3 n only few have rated outlet
    -No effort was made by owner to meet near by SME for pop outlet

    store growth is based on rating of existing customer ( was very low ) and no involvement of owner to take care emotional aspect . Counter boys never greeted customer n requested them to rate .
    Cleanliness was not paid attention too

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