Noodle Bar, situated on the first floor of Phoenix Market City in Whitefield, offers a delightful dining experience centered around noodles and spaghetti, complemented by a selection of alcoholic beverages. What sets this noodle bar apart is its innovative approach to dining – here, you have the unique opportunity to personally curate your ingredients. This is a concept that resonates with many Bangaloreans, as it allows them to customize their dishes, making it an ideal choice for those with dietary preferences or allergies.

The restaurant’s ambience is both inviting and vibrant, and the bustling crowd speaks volumes about its popularity. During my visit, it was evident that Noodle Bar had garnered a loyal following, with people eagerly waiting for their turn to savour the experience.

Noodle Bar Review, On Table

Points to Remember

  • Sundays can get quite crowded, so plan accordingly.
  • Customize your dishes by selecting your own ingredients – a unique and appealing feature.
  • Don’t miss out on their delectable sizzlers; they are truly a highlight worth trying.

Noodle Bar is a culinary gem, offering a remarkable dining experience that excels in terms of quality, quantity, and taste. They are renowned for serving some of the finest Asian noodles, be it Ramen or the regular and flat varieties, all prepared with truly delicious recipes. What sets them apart is the unique ability to choose your own ingredients, allowing you to customize your meal to perfection.

During my visit, we kicked off with a delightful Thai Chicken Soup with a coconut base. While it may not have been entirely authentic, the taste was undeniably brilliant, setting a positive tone for the meal. I opted for the flat sizzler noodles and crafted my own dish with ingredients like paneer, capsicum, carrot, chicken, and lamb. My selection, although uncertain at first, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The expertise in creating this noodle dish, along with the perfectly cooked and fresh meat, left a lasting impression. I was pleasantly surprised that one serving managed to satisfy two hearty appetites.

To cap off this exceptional meal, we indulged in a sizzler brownie that wowed not just us but also garnered the attention of fellow diners, thanks to the captivating display of dense smoke and the enticing aroma of chocolate.

In conclusion, Noodle Bar undeniably stands as one of the premier destinations for noodle enthusiasts. It’s a place where culinary excellence meets customization, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable noodle experience. Who needs Maggi when you have Noodle Bar at your disposal?


Unit No. F-24, 1st Floor,
Phoenix Marketcity, ITPL Main Rd,
Mahadevapura, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560048

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