Would you like your ice cream topped with chopped or chunks of fruit of the same flavour? You should stop by Naturals Ice Cream if that isn’t the case. A new location of this well-known Mumbai ice cream parlour has opened in Namma Bengaluru. True to its name, this store sells reasonably priced ice creams flavoured with actual fruits. Honestly, I’d say the costs are rock bottom here. Both scoops and cones are available for ice cream. You can even bring it home in tubs weighing half a kilogramme. 

Points to remember:

  • This is the spot for you if you’re a fruit nut who loves to eat exotic ice cream flavours. Come here even if you’re not a fruit fan; I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. 
  • There are too many people for you to find a seat; instead, grab the ice cream and go. 
  • You can even get chocolate ice cream if you’re still not a big fan of fruit ice cream. 
  • There can be limited flavour options depending on the season of the fruit. If you want to avoid disappointment, try something else. 

Naturals Ice Cream Parlor Reviews

I was pleasantly pleased by the flavour discovery that is Naturals Ice Cream—it isn’t your ordinary ice cream parlour. It provided an authentic and immersive experience that transformed every flavour into the flavour of actual, juicy fruit, completely shattering my previous assumptions about fruit-flavoured ice creams. My insatiable appetite pushed me to try almost every flavour, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how good they all were.

Notable for their genuine rush of fruity sweetness, the mango, delicate coconut, and jackfruit flavours stood out. All of the dried fruit varieties—cashew, pista, badam, and Anjeer—perfectly portray the natural flavours of their respective fruits. In the same vein, the chocolate ice creams were exceptionally decadent and stood head and shoulders above the competition. Naturals Ice Cream has a wide selection of delicious milkshakes to round out the decadence.

If you’re craving a cone, look no further than Naturals. They serve it in a homemade waffle cone, which is a creative touch that enhances the flavour and texture. Naturals’ dedication to offering something fresh and original in Bengaluru—a city famous for its varied culinary offerings—is demonstrated by this novel technique.

No matter the weather, Naturals Ice Cream is always calling with its irresistible allure of cold, delicious delights. Enjoy the variety and authenticity of Naturals Ice Cream, whether you’re a local or just passing through. Experience the pleasant coolness of these ice creams on every visit; don’t lose out on the possibility.