MTR, short for Mavalli Tiffin Room, is a renowned restaurant located on Lal Bagh Road in Bangalore. Founded by Sri Yagnanarayana Maiya and his brothers in 1924, MTR has evolved from being just a restaurant into a comprehensive food-related enterprise. They produce a wide range of food products, including spices, mixtures, ready-to-eat items, frozen products, papads, pickles, chips, snacks, and more.

One of their recent innovations is the ‘Breakfast In A Cup,’ which offers three flavours, including Upma and two different flavoured Poha options. This concept is reminiscent of Cup Noodles but with an Indian twist. While the concept is intriguing, the crucial question remains: “How does the food taste?” Let’s delve into the review to find out.


MTR’s Breakfast In A Cup, presented in a sturdy plastic cup akin to instant noodles, offers a convenient solution for individuals on the go who may not have time for a traditional breakfast. However, the key question was regarding the taste, and it appears that there is room for improvement.

Poha: The Poha flavour didn’t quite hit the mark. While the initial raw flavouring was promising, adding hot water seemed to diminish the taste. The sweet and spicy Poha turned out somewhat dry, lacking the authentic taste expected. This flavour, in particular, seemed unbalanced, leaving a less-than-satisfactory impression.

Upma: In contrast, the Upma was a clear winner. It delivered an authentic Brahmin-style taste with well-balanced flavours. Once hot water was added, it transformed into a delightful dish that genuinely pleased the taste buds.

In conclusion, MTR has done an excellent job in introducing a convenient and innovative product. With some fine-tuning, especially in terms of flavouring, they have the potential to elevate the quality of their offerings. The Poha, as highlighted, might benefit from a substantial flavour enhancement, but overall, it’s a promising product.

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