Marasa Sarovar Premiere is a luxurious five-star hotel in Tirupati, which was inaugurated a few months ago by Andhra Pradesh Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Even before the official inauguration, you had the opportunity to visit this splendid property. Marasa Sarovar Premiere takes pride in being India’s first Dasavataras concept hotel, and this unique concept is well-reflected in its design and ambience.

Situated on Karakambadi Road, Upadhayaya Nagar, Tirupati, it’s worth noting that the hotel is located a bit far from the inner Tirupati area, and the roads leading to the hotel can be challenging to navigate due to their condition.

Regarding dining options, Marasa offers two distinct restaurants, Krishna and Lotus Cafe, even though they share a single kitchen. Your review is focused on Lotus Cafe, as you find Krishna to offer similar food, making it feel like an extension of Lotus Cafe.

Points to Remember

  1. Marasa Sarovar Premiere is a lovely place to enjoy lunch or dinner.
  2. The hotel is not just for dining; it also offers accommodation, making it a comprehensive destination.
  3. Keep in mind that tipping may not be accepted at this establishment, so be prepared for this policy.

Lotus Cafe Restaurant Review

Lotus Cafe, the primary restaurant at Marasa Sarovar Premiere, is renowned for its buffet offerings. If you’ve experienced the “Happiness @ Sarovar” hospitality at Sarovar hotels before, you’ll be pleased to know that Lotus Cafe upholds this outstanding level of service.

Regarding the food, it’s clear that Sarovar maintains high standards. The food was exceptionally good, and the extensive array of choices, ranging from delectable vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian cuisines and a tempting selection of desserts, cater to all palates. The down-to-earth hospitality, the pleasant ambience, and the courteous staff create a positive atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

While it’s challenging to detail every dish, you can trust that you had a delightful dining experience with no complaints. For all the food enthusiasts out there, trying the buffet at Lotus Cafe is highly recommended, as every penny spent is well worth the delicious delicacies. Marasa Sarovar Premiere receives a double thumbs up from you, and you’re confident that you’ll visit and stay at this hotel every time you’re in Tirupati.

Marasa Sarovar Premiere,
Upadhyaya Nagar, Karakambadi Road,
Tirupati – 517507 
Tel: 0877 6660000

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