I used to think that other continental cuisines didn’t have any good vegetarian options, therefore as a strict vegetarian, I would exclusively eat Indian food. However, Little Italy disproved my doubts. Vegetarian fare at an Italian restaurant? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Still, that’s correct. Vegetarians can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at this restaurant. When I hear the word “Italian cuisine,” pizza is the first thing that pops into my head. You can put your money on Little Italy having the greatest pizza around. You will adore the ambience and the diminutive size of this place, as the name implies.

Points to Remember

  • Please don’t get flustered attempting to decipher the Italian names of the food. Simply peruse the menu items and present them to the server. 
  • The lights are low, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity, and the setting is calm.
  • The ambience is wonderful, but the costs are prohibitive. As a result, you should brace yourself for a financial imbalance if you’re a budget planner.
  • Arrive at the waiting area prepared to wait patiently. People come here in droves.

Little Italy Reviews

Little Italy’s menu may appear like a veritable language maze at first glance but don’t worry—by sticking to the English translations, you’ll be able to access a plethora of king-sized gastronomic treats. Start your culinary adventure with an assortment of breads and garlic breads topped with mouth-watering ingredients. The subsequent epicurean experience is set in motion by these flavorful preludes.

Immerse yourself in the soup realm, where the most basic tomato soup can surprise and delight with its explosion of flavour. Those with certain dietary needs can ask for wheat-based pizzas, although the menu’s most prized items are the thin-crust varieties. Little Italy has everything you could want when it comes to pasta and Mexican food.

Check out the varied salad options for people looking for something lighter. A word of caution, though: give in to the allure of delectable sweets and ditch your diet goals. One of my favourites, the Chocolate Avalanche will take your taste buds on a luscious adventure. Also, be on the lookout for some surprises; one of the pizzas on the menu has vodka infused into it, which is a unique take on an Italian staple. If that weren’t decadence enough, desserts also provide the chance to add red wine or whisky, taking it to the next level.

Now, the lack of meat options shouldn’t deter the carnivores among you. Indulge in the vegetarian delights in Little Italy and your carnivore desires will quickly fade away. Forget your inhibitions and enter a world of flavours where each meal is an ode to your sense of taste, your imagination, and your excess. The allure of Little Italy is undeniable; here, every bite is a delight and culinary fantasies are realised.