The “Let’s Try” snack firm, set to debut in 2021, stands out as an industry leader due to its dedication to producing high-quality goods using only the best ingredients. They take pleasure in making their snacks in the same way they have for generations, using only 100% groundnut oil to demonstrate their commitment to traditional techniques.

The company promises that its snacks are made without the use of any artificial ingredients, including those that add flavour, colour, fat, or cholesterol. This is a really big allegation, and it could need some investigating or confirmation to be sure it’s true. The “Let’s Try” brand, on the other hand, markets itself as one that emphasizes health and quality by offering a variety of snacks that are made without the aforementioned ingredients.

They provide a wide variety of products, all of which have their unique flavour profile. This variety allows businesses to meet the needs of a broad range of customers and gives consumers a chance to explore new tastes.

“Let’s Try” undoubtedly provides a delicious variety of snacks, yet it would be preferable if the claim about the lack of preservatives, artificial flavours, colours, trans fats, and cholesterol was verified for authenticity. Their dedication to using only 100% groundnut oil and sticking to time-honoured techniques has created a brand that appeals to snack lovers who are looking for variety and quality in their munchies.

But how was Pudina Wafers? Well, check out this review.


My preference for minty chips (like the pudina-flavoured Uncle chips I used to eat on my trips in North India) drew me to this specific snack. Unfortunately, getting such chips in Bangalore proved to be a struggle, prompting me to hunt for an alternative. I found Let’s Try Pudina Wafers while on this search. Even though I don’t watch Shark Tank India since it’s in Hindi, I decided to sample this appetiser nevertheless.

The scent of the Let’s Try Pumina Wafers alone was an indication of their potential success. The combination of the robust pudina taste with the light groundnut oil aroma was a sensory delight. The mint flavour stood out as both fresh and thick in the mouth, elevating the experience. These chips stand out from the crowd because of their crunchiness, as well as their harmonious combination of saltiness, a touch of sourness, and the intense mint flavour.

In closing, Let’s Try Pudina Wafers is a must-try for every chip connoisseur who values unique flavours. The mix of flavours and the entire sensory experience made these chips a remarkable choice. These Pudina Wafers, with their rich and invigorating mint flavour, are a must-try if you have a penchant for chips with unusual and powerful flavours.

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