JB (Just Bangalore) Arena, located inside Deena Complex opposite McDonald’s on Brigade Road, is one of Bangalore’s newest and most exciting nightlife destinations, attracting the city’s residents with its captivating club atmosphere. This three-story nightclub offers a diverse array of experiences, including a Resto-Bar, Comedy Club, Dance Club, and a karaoke lounge for those who love to unleash their inner rock star. But how does the reality of the place compare, especially in terms of its food and cost? Let’s dive into this review for a closer look.

Points to Remember

  • An Ideal Hangout Spot
  • A Delightful Ambiance
  • Must-Try Cocktails
  • Vegetarian Options Galore
  • Unforgettable Live Performances
  • Comedy Show
  • Karaoke lounge available


My visit to Arena Nightclub was for a date, and I must admit, the place impressed me more than my date did. The initial “wow” factor hit me right at the entrance, thanks to the captivating ambience. As we stepped in, we found ourselves in a cosy seating area, and the music set the perfect tone for the evening. We decided to start with some drinks, mainly mocktails and were pleasantly surprised by their creative and Instagram-worthy drink presentations.

The food at Arena Nightclub was another pleasant surprise, exceeding our expectations in both taste and portion size. The cost of our dining experience was quite reasonable, especially considering the standards of Brigade Road, making it a worthwhile culinary journey.

Moving up to the second floor, I realized that I might have chosen the wrong time for this part of the experience. The vibe, which I anticipated to be vibrant, was unfortunately lacking, possibly due to the music not being particularly dance-worthy at that moment. However, I acknowledge that my timing might have been off, as the photos they posted of the venue show a completely different atmosphere. It’s possible that I simply missed the peak hours for dancing.

Regarding the Comedy Club and karaoke, I didn’t have the chance to experience them personally. However, based on numerous reviews, they seem to be popular and enjoyable spaces for a fun night out.

In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for a romantic venue that also offers a variety of entertainment options, Arena Nightclub is the place for you. I was genuinely impressed, not only with the ambience but also with the quality of the food and beverages. It’s a multifaceted destination that can cater to a range of tastes, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.


Brigade Rd, Shanthala Nagar,

Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru,

Karnataka 560001