The ITC, initially known as the Imperial Tobacco Company was founded in 1910 and subsequently renamed the Indian Tobacco Company in 1970. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, and operates under five distinct business divisions. In this context, we are focusing on the ITC Foods Division, which includes well-known brands such as Kitchens of India, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Candyman, and more.

1. Aashirvaad


The Aashirvaad brand offers a diverse range of products, including Atta, Salt, Spices, and Instant mixes, but it’s the Aashirvaad Atta that stands out as a favourite among many consumers. Launched in 2002, Aashirvaad Atta has garnered a strong following over the years. When compared to other Atta brands, Aashirvaad is often seen as a premium and pure product, known for its quality and consistency in providing consumers with a trusted source of wheat flour for their culinary needs.

2. Bingo!

Bingo! Yumitos | Mad Angles

Bingo! Yumitos can be considered India’s answer to Lay’s, both in terms of taste and the burst of flavorful air in every bite. These chips have gained immense popularity in India, largely owing to their India-centric flavours. Additionally, Bingo! offers another popular product called Mad Angles, which can be likened to an Indian-flavored tortilla chip. This range of snacks caters to the diverse and vibrant taste preferences of Indian consumers.

3. Sunfeast Biscuits

 ITC Sunfeast Biscuits

Sunfeast Biscuits, introduced in 2003, have established themselves as a top-notch brand known for their exceptional quality. Among the range of Sunfeast products, favourites include all variants of Dark Fantasy, Dream Cream, and Hi-Fi Cookies. The Sunfeast brand also offers pastas, which have garnered appreciation for their quality and taste. This brand has become a go-to choice for many consumers seeking delicious biscuits and pasta options.

4. Kitchens of India

As a South Indian, you have a preference for MTR, which is well-known for its South Indian cuisine. However, when it comes to enjoying North Indian food, Kitchens of India takes the spotlight. Kitchens of India predominantly specializes in North Indian delicacies and is known for its quality and taste preservation. The use of tetra packing is particularly effective in maintaining the taste and quality of the food, making it a reliable choice for savouring North Indian flavours.

5. B-Natural

B Natural

B Natural juices, introduced in January 2015, have been steadily making a name for themselves in the market. They have gained some traction and are slightly leading in the fruit juices market. With its commitment to offering natural and high-quality fruit juices, B-Natural has the potential to become a favourite choice among consumers in the future as it continues to expand and develop its brand.

6. Yippee Noodles

Yippee Noodles

Yippee Noodles offers three flavours: Classic Masala, Chinese Masala, and Magic Masala. While these noodles are considered decent, there’s room for improvement in terms of taste. The innovation of non-sticky, round-shaped noodles is commendable. However, enhancing the flavour in the masalas would likely make Yippee Noodles even more appealing to consumers, providing a tastier and more satisfying experience.

So finally ITC Foods carries a well-established name in the market and it’s for all the right reasons.