Honey is undoubtedly a delicious natural treat, and it’s hard to beat its pure, unadulterated flavour. However, the market can be flooded with honey products that are less than authentic. Major brands like Dabur Honey and Patanjali have faced criticism for their honey products, which have been found to contain added sugars. This leaves many consumers sceptical about the authenticity of the honey they purchase.

In this landscape, a company called Honey And Spice has emerged, offering flavoured authentic honey that can be purchased online. Initially, I, too, had my doubts about flavoured honey, especially given the concerns about authenticity in the honey market. I wondered if this was just another gimmick.

Upon receiving my order, I opened the box and found a jar of saffron honey. To my surprise, my mother, who was sitting beside me, immediately exclaimed, “That’s authentic.” Saffron honey is a flavoured variety, so it may seem counterintuitive to label it as “authentic.” However, my mother, who is well-versed in identifying genuine products, was convinced of its authenticity.

Her approval caught my attention, and I started to pay closer attention to Honey And Spice’s products. It appears that they have managed to create flavoured honey varieties that not only retain the authenticity of honey but also introduce delightful flavours. This unique approach to honey makes Honey And Spice a brand worth exploring for those who appreciate genuine, high-quality honey with a twist.


“Honey Honey Prem Kahani” – this playful phrase springs to mind when I indulge in this honey because it’s not just delicious but also incredibly flavorful and authentic. While the taste of honey is undoubtedly essential, the quality and authenticity take precedence. Honey And Spice has excelled in maintaining these standards, even though their honey is filtered for purity.

The unique feature of their flavoured honey is that the flavours blend seamlessly without compromising on quality. Their transparency in presenting the product serves as a symbol of authenticity, assuring consumers that it is free from any added sugars or adulterants.

In total, Honey And Spice offer seven delightful flavours of honey, each contributing its own special twist to this age-old delight.

1. Ginger Honey – 
The Ginger Honey from Honey And Spice offers a delightful balance of sweetness with a hint of spice. The flavor is mild, striking just the right note without becoming overpowering. What’s particularly impressive is the clarity and transparency of the honey. The flavoring process seems to be seamlessly integrated into the filtration process, ensuring that the ginger infusion doesn’t create any disruptive texture or consistency in the honey. This allows you to enjoy the ginger’s subtle warmth without any unwelcome surprises.

Honey And Spice Ginger Flavours

2. Cinnamon Honey –

The flavoring in this honey is incredibly subtle, to the point that it’s almost imperceptible. Only the most discerning of taste buds, perhaps those of a “super taster,” might detect a faint hint of cinnamon flavor gently rolling across the palate. It’s a testament to the delicate and nuanced approach that Honey And Spice takes when infusing their honey with spices.

Honey And Spice Ciinnamon Flavours

3. Vanilla Honey – 
The vanilla flavoring in Honey And Spice’s honey is also quite subtle. While you can certainly detect the essence of vanilla, it doesn’t overpower the honey. This delicate balance is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Honey And Spice, allowing you to enjoy the honey with a hint of vanilla without it becoming overwhelming. It’s a standout feature of their flavored honey offerings.

Honey And Spice Vanilla Flavours

4. Tulsi Honey –
The Honey and Tulsi combination is noticeably strong, both in terms of aroma and taste. This pairing carries a distinctly Ayurvedic quality, and it’s well-known for its potential health benefits. Honey and Tulsi are believed to have immunity-boosting properties, and they can also be effective in soothing coughs. So, this particular flavor isn’t just a culinary delight but is also considered medicinal, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their health and well-being.

Honey And Spice Tulsi Flavours

5. Saffron Honey –
The Saffron Honey from Honey And Spice seemed to transport you to the picturesque region of Himachal Pradesh, known for its natural beauty and high-quality honey production. In fact, it tasted so authentic that you felt like you were enjoying Himachal honey rather than saffron honey. While the saffron flavor was expected, it appeared to be quite subtle or perhaps not very detectable, allowing the honey’s natural essence to shine through. It’s a testament to the purity and authenticity of this particular variety, offering a genuine taste of the region.

Honey And Spice Saffron Flavours

6. Kashmir Honey – 
I’ve had the pleasure of savouring Raw Kashmir Honey, and without a doubt, it exudes authenticity. The meticulous filtration process applied to this Kashmir honey makes it stand out as the finest I’ve ever had the privilege to taste in my lifetime.

Honey And Spice Kashmir Flavours

7. Wild Honey-
Undoubtedly, my absolute favourite is the Wild Honey. It’s an extraordinary and unquestionably authentic honey that I haven’t encountered in years. With its luscious thickness, a subtle hint of sourness, a touch of sweetness, and sheer perfection, it’s a delight for the palate. The aroma is as fresh as can be, and this marks my first encounter with purely filtered wild honey.

Honey And Spice Wild Flavours

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly give this my enthusiastic double thumbs up, and I’m planning to place a substantial order myself. If you’re interested in acquiring any of this remarkable honey, you can find exclusive discounts by clicking on the link below.

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  1. Hello Concerned – I bought tusli honey from HoneyAndSpice. It seems good but one thing that is putting me in doubt is taste of tulsi is very hard. I think essence of tulsi is added to it. Because, farming of bees on tulsi plants can't extract this much strong taste of tulsi. Anyhow, I am not from this profession but want to clear my doubt on it.

  2. Hi Vivek,
    I have tried tulsi Honey and yes it is strong. It seems that they use krishna tulasi which is strong enough. Yes, they add essence to the honey and they blend it well. All the flavored honeys are added with essence. Only Wild Honey is purely wild with no added flavors.

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