Nestled above the metropolis, Grillades is more than a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic refuge that flawlessly marries French-inspired food with a spectacular panoramic view. Intimate and open-air, the rooftop location has breathtaking views of the cityscape above and the tranquil sands of the rock beach below.

The culinary genius taking place in the kitchens of Grillades is what sets it apart from its picturesque surroundings. The restaurant takes great pleasure in its staff, which includes some of the city’s best chefs, each of whom is a true maestro in the kitchen, creating delectable symphonies for the palate. The menu is representative of the restaurant’s commitment to quality, as it offers some of the finest options in town.

Points to Remember

  • The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner only
  • Be there for an awesome Sun Set
  • Little on the expensive side

Grillades Review

Grillades’s expertise continues in the cocktail bar, where expert mixologists create unique and delicious concoctions for drinkers. Each drink from the carefully crafted list of exquisite wines and premium spirits will be as memorable as the delectable dishes.

Grillades goes above and above by also providing outdoor seats, in addition to the enclosed rooftop experience. Enjoy your dinner in the company of nature in an open area that was built to take advantage of the seaside wind. It’s a request to take pleasure not only in the food but in the whole dining experience.

Grillades is an adventure in gastronomic sophistication, whether you dine on the covered rooftop or in the open air. It’s the kind of restaurant where the picturesque views of the city and the soothing sounds of the ocean combine to make for a wonderful meal.

Grillades, in conclusion, is more than simply a restaurant; it’s a refined culinary mecca that offers a feast for the senses and an atmosphere that stays with you long after you’ve finished eating. Grillades is waiting for people who desire a dining experience that encapsulates the essence of great dining with its combination of refinement and a touch of nature’s tranquillity.


Plot No. 11A, Rue, Romain Rolland St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001