In my opinion, every restaurant is special in its way, so picking one is never simple. For once, though, I let my husband pick out dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised by his choice. Right in the middle of Koramangala is a restaurant called Gramin. As a lover of north Indian cuisine, it was heaven-sent. Regarding the location, it evokes a sense of a rural community, and the name, “Gramin,” conveys the same idea. The place is adorned with vibrant curtains, paintings, and plush seat cushions, creating an inviting atmosphere. We can ask for a “no onion option” when we order from this restaurant, and it also serves Jain cuisine. 

Points to Remember:

  • It is not the ideal spot for business lunch meetings, so think again. It is an ideal spot for a relaxed day trip. 
  • A great spot to unwind with pals
  • This eatery plays classic Hindi tunes that would transport you to a bygone era if you share my passion for music.

Facilities provided at Gramin:

  • Vegetarian Only
  • Meal Coupon Accepted

Gramin Review:

Upon entering Gramin, one is immediately greeted by a genuine Desi atmosphere, intensified by the exquisite usage of copper cutlery that gracefully adorns every table. The atmosphere is just right, offering the ideal backdrop for unwinding and having fun. The fact that this charming little place has won the esteemed “Times Food Awards” not once, but twice, is evidence of how good their food is.

The Times Food Awards’ recognition puts Gramin in a class of its own, and it’s simple to understand why. Using copper utensils not only gives the dish more of a country feel but also helps set the mood for the whole Desi experience, making customers feel welcome and at home.

By omitting artificial flavours and colours, Gramin effortlessly provides a comforting meal experience for individuals looking for that. Its dedication to providing authentic “Home food” makes it stand out from the throng and is perfect for individuals who love unpretentious and real food.

The music that accompanies the atmosphere helps to elevate the whole affair by providing a calming background that goes well with the warm and inviting atmosphere. Customers can relax away from the stresses of daily life at this establishment, where ghar ka khana, wonderful ambience, and beautiful music all work in perfect harmony.

Now let’s talk about the cuisine. Gramin serves you a variety of foods that are worth praising. The distinctiveness and high quality of the products as a whole are commendable, even if not every dish is perfect. Gramin, with its unique take on the culinary scene, would be the perfect place for a serious foodie to unwind with a few tasty appetisers.

Given its singularity, flavour profile, and endearing personality, I’d have to say that Gramin deserves a solid 3 stars. Gramin is a welcoming sanctuary for foodies and chills for people who enjoy Ghar ka khana with a wonderful ambience and lovely music.

Foods To Try and Taste at Gramin:

1. Jal-Jeera

2. Tawa dishes in Starters

Gramin Address:

20, Ground Floor, Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore

Phone: 080-41104104

Timings: 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm