The “Go Native” restaurant is more than simply a meal; it’s an opportunity to reconnect with your heritage. The traditional dishes and antique market here are meant to make you feel like you’re back in your hometown but with all the charm of a newly refurbished country inn.

Go Native’s dedication to more than simply meal service is what sets it distinct. The principles of sustainable living are embraced, which include caring for one’s self, one’s surroundings, and one’s community. With this all-encompassing approach, patrons may not only enjoy wonderful cuisine but also feel a stronger connection to heritage and sustainability.

Points to Remember

  1. It’s a compact and cosy space, offering an intimate dining experience.
  2. ‘Go Native’ serves exclusively vegetarian dishes.
  3. The ambience exudes a sense of bliss, enhancing the overall dining atmosphere.


For individuals with a penchant for antiques, “Go Native” quickly becomes an ideal hangout. Although you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time thanks to the quaint decor, the dishes on the menu are quite modern.

‘Go Native’ demonstrates inventive cooking with a vegetarian menu that combines traditional foods like Paddu with more contemporary options like burger and fries. Bise Bele millet fritters, for example, are a wonderful and unexpected addition to any meal.

Mangalore buns, jackfruit biryani (Kathal), and the divine Raggi Pancake are just a few of the many delicious choices offered at this eatery.

While the prices may be a little more than average, the superb quality of the dishes and innovative preparations more than makeup for it. While there, you can also construct your own mud pot and browse for clothes materials and antiques, so ‘Go Native’ isn’t only about the cuisine.

If you think ‘Go Native’ is worth checking out, then that says a lot about how special of an adventure it is. It’s obvious that the owners of this restaurant understand the importance of blending tradition with innovation to provide diners with an experience they won’t soon forget.

#64, 10th Main, 5th Block,

Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 041

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