During my recent dining experience, FreshMenu dramatically failed to live up to its billing as a sanctuary for foodies in search of varied cuisines at affordable pricing. The menu had a wide variety of dishes from around the world, including Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, and more, but the meal was of low quality, which left an unpleasant (and figurative) impression.
FreshMenu’s claim that it could provide reasonably priced, diversified cuisine was all an act. The cloud kitchen idea was convenient, and the choice was extensive, but the meal was underwhelming in terms of flavour and appearance. My meal experience was less than satisfactory due to subpar service. Let me tell you why.

FreshMenu Review

When compared to other food businesses I’ve come across, FreshMenu really sticks out—but in a bad way. I am completely disappointed and even disgusted by their products and services after my recent experiences with them. Any discriminating eater would be disappointed to order from them because the cuisine is devoid of flavour and quality.

Their apparently famous Thali is the most blatant example of culinary failure among the many terrible dishes I’ve had from FreshMenu. A feeling of letdown persisted long after the dinner had finished due to the terrible flavour. What really confused and repulsed me, though, was the topping of raw onions on top of the jeera rice. No sane person could have deemed that a tasty complement. It rendered the whole meal practically inedible and goes against all principles of cooking.

Also, the chicken that came with the Thali was really disgusting. It didn’t taste fresh and had no flavour; it was more like a frozen dinner that had been reheated. Any potential enjoyment from the disappointing dining experience was ruined by the overpowering aroma of raw onion, which wafted through the entire meal.

Finally, the food options on FreshMenu are just disastrous. Everything about their cuisine is subpar, from the flavourless chicken to the confusing toppings. Without feeling guilty, I cannot suggest FreshMenu to anybody looking for a delicious meal. Avoid this food disaster at all costs to spare yourself the disappointment.