Five Star Chicken is a well-established fried chicken fast-food restaurant that originated in Thailand back in 1985. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Five Star has solidified its position as one of the prominent fast-food chains in South Asia. Their recent entry into the Indian market has garnered significant attention, and they have swiftly risen to become one of the major players in the fast food scene.

If you’re curious about this brand and want to gain a deeper understanding of its products, quality, and taste, I recommend reading the review below to get a more comprehensive insight.

Points to Remember:

  1. Despite their fried chicken focus, they also cater to vegetarian diners with suitable options.
  2. The menu offers a wide variety of choices, including biryani, providing diverse options for different tastes.
  3. While the locations may be compact, their food is available for takeout and delivery, allowing for convenience.
  4. Five Star Chicken prides itself on serving very fresh chicken sourced from their own homegrown farm, ensuring quality and freshness.

Five Star Chicken Review:

Five Star Chicken initially earned a reputation as a competitor to KFC, but over time, they’ve carved out their own niche, offering something unique that sets them apart. What distinguishes Five Star Chicken are their meaty chicken products, delightful crunchiness, and spicy kick that resonates with customers. These qualities have solidified Five Star Chicken’s position among the ranks of international fast-food chains.

Five Star Chicken has introduced a variety of fried chicken options, including the flavorful Peri-Peri sprinkled Chicken and other spicy fried chicken variants. In addition to its chicken offerings, this chain also provides an array of vegetarian dishes and chicken-based creations like Biryani, Hot Dogs, Sausages, and Nuggets.

The overall dining experience at Five Star is quite satisfying, with taste and quality that exceed expectations. Their tender chicken fry surpasses what KFC offers, although the burger could use some improvement. Notably, “Hot Dogs and Sausages” seem to be a highlight, particularly the Mexican and Italian Hot Dogs. However, attention to the choice of sauces could enhance the overall experience.

When it comes to Biryani and nuggets, they are deemed decent, but there’s room for improvement in the flavour department. In conclusion, Five Star Chicken excels in the realm of spicy fried chicken and is poised for further success by continuing to satisfy the cravings of chicken enthusiasts like us.

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