Faasos is a fast-food chain that encompasses both brick-and-mortar restaurants and a mobile application-based online food delivery service, specializing in wraps and rice dishes designed for those on the move. This startup has achieved remarkable success, elegantly operating in 8 different cities across India through a partnership with Swiggy.

Opinions about Faasos vary, with some lauding it as a cutting-edge food ordering and delivery experience, while others may view it as a fledgling venture with less established credibility. However, I take a different approach, offering a comprehensive assessment that encompasses not only their service and delivery but also their quality and taste.


The name Faasos, short for “Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shift,” may sound a bit unusual, especially considering they serve items like cheese, Fanta, meatballs, chocolate cakes, and mayonnaise. This suggests that they’re not entirely focused on traditional Indian fare.

When it comes to its food, Faasos is renowned for its delectable wraps, which are not only affordable but also known for their freshness and deliciousness. Just two rolls are enough to satiate your appetite. While their combos may be a bit pricier, they are undoubtedly a treat for anyone who orders them.

They also offer a variety of rice combos, although there have been some concerns. The flavoured rice, in particular, doesn’t live up to expectations, often lacking in actual flavour and coming across as merely coloured rice with a little seasoning. However, their gravies are a redeeming feature, perfectly complementing the rice dishes.

There have been some complaints regarding the portion size of rice, especially in the Big Jumbo package, where the presentation was initially unsatisfactory, as the rice was often served in a flat box that appeared half-empty. Additionally, the quantity of gravy has been a concern, but after addressing these issues with the branch manager, improvements were noted in the box size, although the gravy portion remained unchanged.

On a positive note, the chicken toppings on their rice dishes are fantastic and worth revisiting.

In summary, Faasos is known for serving excellent wraps that offer great value for the price. While there have been some issues with their rice dishes, there have been attempts to resolve these concerns. Overall, it’s a place that many would love to dine at repeatedly.

Menu Options – While Faasos may offer a relatively limited variety of food items, it can still be considered sufficient for many diners. Their diverse selection of wraps, rice combos, and desserts provides ample choices to cater to a range of tastes and preferences.

Application – Faasos provides a mobile application that is accessible on both Apple’s App Store and the Android Play Store. While it offers a user-friendly interface for easy menu navigation, it has been reported to suffer from occasional lag and ordering difficulties. Despite these hiccups, it remains a convenient tool for browsing their menu and placing orders.

Delivery –Faasos is generally known for its prompt delivery service. While there have been occasional complaints about delivery times, in your experience and for many others, the deliveries have consistently arrived more quickly than anticipated. This quick service is undoubtedly a positive aspect of Faasos.

Services – Faasos’ customer service is known for its swiftness and helpfulness, but a potential issue is the absence of a direct phone number within the application for customer support. Despite this, reaching out to them via social media platforms, especially Twitter, has proven to be an effective way to receive a quick response when facing any issues or concerns.

Offers –

Faasos offers appealing discounts, such as a ₹100 discount on the first order and additional savings through their “Refer a Friend” program, which is a cool incentive. However, there have been some reported issues with receiving the referral rewards, which could be improved. Nevertheless, the platform features a robust tracking system, although it may have occasional hiccups.

In conclusion, Faasos is a highly recommended choice for food enthusiasts due to its excellent taste, quality, and overall reliability. Despite some minor hiccups with discounts and tracking, it remains a favourite among those who appreciate good food.

Suggestion to Faasos

  1. Ensuring a Smooth App Experience: It’s crucial to resolve any issues with the app to provide a seamless ordering process for customers.
  2. Enhance Portion Sizes in the Jumbo Option: Increasing the quantity of rice and gravy in the Jumbo package would enhance the dining experience and meet customer expectations.
  3. Infuse Flavor into the Rice: Adding more flavour to the rice dishes would elevate the overall taste and make the menu more enjoyable.
  4. Display a Customer Care Number on the App: A readily accessible customer care number should be displayed within the app to provide quick assistance when needed.
  5. Revamp the “Refer a Friend” Program: Transitioning to a code-based referral system rather than a URL link could streamline the process and alleviate existing issues.

Implementing these changes promptly would go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction and a smoother overall experience.

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  1. I ordered the Navratri thaali from Faasos and i must say the food was extremely horrible. You guys should close down immediately.

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