One of the most unusual statements to share with someone is, “I had my lunch at a hospital.” Surprisingly, I’ve made this claim before, and I’m delighted to repeat it. Nestled within Columbia Asia Hospital Yeshwantpur is the Columbia Cafe, a genuine hospital canteen that offers an extraordinary culinary experience.

Having eaten at hospital canteens in the past, I must admit they often leave much to be desired. However, Columbia Asia Hospital’s canteen sets itself apart in every aspect. From its aesthetics to the level of service and, most importantly, the quality of the food, this place exudes promise.

So, what makes this hospital canteen stand out? Well, the answer is quite simple: everything!

Points to Remember

  1. Despite its hospital setting, the cafe boasts a fabulous ambience.
  2. The cafe welcomes the general public, not just hospital visitors.
  3. It offers the convenience of having a dietician on hand.
  4. The cafe provides a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.


The Columbia Asia Hospital Cafe, which I now refer to affectionately as a cafe worthy of a five-star hotel, wowed me with its sophisticated decor, delicious food, and lively clientele. The flavours that Chef Pramod has expertly incorporated into the hospital café are superb. I was not prepared for the five-star treatment I received when I was encouraged to write a review, and I have to admit that I was blown away.

The cuisine at Columbia Cafe is healthy, and there’s even a dietician on staff to help you figure out what you should be eating. Even though I’m not usually a lover of healthy food, I found myself really liking the meals here because of how well they were cooked and seasoned.

Columbia Cafe is notable for its distinctive and varied menu, which features dishes from Middle Eastern and Nigerian culinary traditions. Sayyadieh, a Middle Eastern speciality, is a delicious dish that I got to sample. It’s made with fish, almonds, and rice. The use of Indian spices meant that it wasn’t really Middle Eastern, but the dish was unquestionably tasty and quite gratifying anyway. Watching the chefs at work in the open kitchen is an exciting experience.

The black fried fish was another one of my favourite items on the menu. The flavours were well-balanced, and it was cooked to perfection. As a sweet ending, I really enjoyed the grilled seasonal fruits that had been seasoned with just a touch of rock salt. At last, I sipped on a drink made of cucumber and lemon to revive my taste buds.

In conclusion, Columbia Cafe had quite an effect on me, and I can’t wait to go back there for supper again. You won’t be sorry if you follow my lead, so please do so.

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