Overlooking the swimming pool of the Comfort Inn Insys in Mathikere is the rooftop restaurant Cinders Rooftop Barbeque. The restaurant has an atmosphere that is great for a date because of its well-thought-out decor, which aspires for perfection. On Valentine’s Day, my partner and I had the pleasure of dining at Cinders Rooftop Barbeque.

The restaurant is spacious enough for small parties, and the view of the pool is relaxing. The buffet is located in the middle area, while a working kitchen is to the side. They celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic meal for two replete with balloons and candles.

How was the cuisine, the most important part of the experience? Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Points to Remember

Here are some key highlights of Cinders Rooftop Barbeque:

  1. Ideal for Romantic Dates: Cinders Rooftop Barbeque is an ideal place to take your partner on a romantic date.
  2. Wonderful Ambiance: The restaurant offers a wonderful and romantic ambience, perfect for special occasions.
  3. Buffet Dining: It’s a buffet restaurant, that provides a variety of options for diners to choose from.
  4. Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian diners have options available to cater to their preferences.

Cinders Rooftop Barbeque seems like a charming place to enjoy a romantic evening with a loved one, offering a buffet-style dining experience and catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


Couples and small groups may enjoy the rooftop barbeque at Cinders, which has a beautiful view and relaxing music. Let’s eat our way through this adventure now.

Although barbecue is the restaurant’s speciality, I quite enjoyed trying some of their other meals. The Chicken Roast and Mutton Pepper Fry were two of my favourite meals, but the Barbecue Sauce Fish was the least gratifying since the sauce was too sweet and didn’t go well with the shellfish.

The Seafood Biryani, Mutton Fry, and Cauliflower Gravy were the highlights of the buffet for me, but I had a good time there altogether. The Seafood Biryani was one of the greatest I’ve ever had; the flesh was tender and the spices were just right.

The Palak Paneer and Pasta were among the other well-received meals. Cinders Rooftop Barbeque’s well-curated cuisine and presentation are a reflection of the chefs’ familiarity with the tastes of Bangalore residents.

Both Cinders and the Comfort Inn Insys have excellent dining options, but I really recommend Cinders Rooftop Barbeque, where the Seafood Biryani is out of this world. Don’t pass up this opportunity if you’re a foodie.

As a side remark to my readers and chefs, remember to take into consideration the animal’s natural habitat when deciding how to season the meat you use in your meals. When cooking fish, for instance, it’s best to avoid using flavours that are too sweet since sweet and salty don’t usually go well.


Comfort INN Insys
Nanjappa Reddy Colony, Mathikere,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054

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