I had planned to write about Bierre Republic while I was reviewing this restaurant in early September, but I was too swamped with work to do so. Because I went alone and was rather bored, I must admit that the Bierre Republic is a fantastic spot to spend time with friends. At the Bierre Republic, you can enjoy a variety of beverages at the bar, dine at the restaurant or brew your beer. With its one-of-a-kind decor and welcoming service, this restaurant is unlike any other. Couples and huge groups of friends alike will feel at home at the Bierre Republic.

Bierre Republic Tender Chicken


Points to Remember:
First, it’s a classic spot, so get ready to pay if you don’t dress appropriately. Second, take a stroll around; there are plenty of other sights to view. Third, the food prices are about par for a pub, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.
Be cautious, patrons, because it is located on the second story.
Bierre Republic Special

Bierre Republic Review

Well, Bierre Republic is rad both visually and gustatorily. Both the appetiser and the main entrée that I ordered were delicious. “Tender Chicken” was the first meal I tasted, and I must say that the distinctiveness was delightful. On the other hand, the texture was a bit tough when I chewed it, so I wouldn’t call it tender. Regardless, the flavour was fantastic, and I do not doubt that beer lovers will savour this spicy chicken. My second “wow” moment came when I saw the main course, which is rice with boneless chicken gravy. I would recommend this place and hope to return soon for another exciting meal. You will have an epic culinary experience here because of the high-quality food and relaxing atmosphere. I had the pleasure of meeting the manager, who was both an entertaining and informative speaker about the restaurant. He even went by the nickname “Tender Chicken Guy” when referring to his pet nickname. Finally, a fantastic spot for handouts and foodies; you should definitely stop over. This is something that you are going to adore.
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Bierre Republic
2nd Floor, Pavilion mall, 62/63,
Church Street, Ashok Nagar,
Bangalore, India