One cup of Beer
One and half teaspoon of Chopped Garlic
One teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce
Half teaspoon of Tabasco Sauce
Four cups of freshly grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Half teaspoon of Dry Mustard
Salt to taste


  • Take a bowl, Crush the garlic in it.
  • Now add and mix Worcestershire, Tabasco, mustard and salt and keep it ready
  • Add beer slowly into the mixture by stirring continually.
  • Stir till the ingredients till it blends well
  • Add a cup of cheese at a time and continue beating until the mixture
  • Put the smoothed mixture into an earthen ware pot
  • Cover with lid, air tight and refrigerate for minimum one day.
  • Serve the cold and yummy Beer cheese with crackers, wafers, toasted bread and Potato wedgies.