Au Bon Pain, which translates to ‘Good Bread’ in French, indeed started as a bakery but has evolved into a cafe known for its delicious cappuccinos. Established in the mid-1970s by Boston businessman Louis Kane, Au Bon Pain has grown to operate nearly 300 cafe bakeries worldwide. While it has gained a reputation for its quality bread and croissants, your experience with Au Bon Pain appears to have left you underwhelmed.

It’s important to note that individual experiences with any restaurant or cafe can vary, and what may not have met your expectations might be enjoyed by others. It’s possible that factors such as location, staff, or menu offerings could influence your perception of the brand. If you choose to revisit Au Bon Pain or try a different branch, you might have a different experience.

Points to Remember

  1. A great spot for hanging out.
  2. Don’t miss their coffee.
  3. Savour the music ambience.


Au Bon Pain prides itself on offering flavorful, fresh, and uniquely delicious food and beverages. However, my recent experience left much to be desired. Let me share my impressions of the items I sampled:

  1. Monkey Bread & Chocolate Monkey Bread – The only distinction between the two Monkey Bread options is the addition of a chocolate sauce. While the Monkey Bread was decent, it falls short of the expectations one might have for a French coffee shop.
  2. Peri Peri Mac & Cheese with Chicken Sandwich – The sandwich itself was delightful and packed with flavour. However, I was puzzled by the “Peri-Peri” label as I couldn’t detect any spicy Peri-Peri flavour.
  3. Roasted Vegetables, Eggs & Mozzarella Sandwich – This was a standout dish at Au Bon Pain. The sandwich was impeccably crispy, perfectly baked, and expertly seasoned.
  4. Harvest Veg Salad – The combination of ingredients in this salad was well executed, making it a great choice for salad enthusiasts. However, there was a sauce that left a rather unpleasant taste.
  5. Mulled Wine & Toffee Latte – Both of these drinks were outstanding, though I would suggest reducing the amount of ice in the Toffee Latte to prevent it from becoming diluted as you enjoy it.
  6. Passion Fruit Bubble Tea – While not a standout, I had no complaints about this beverage.
  7. Dark Lava Meltdown – The Dark Lava cake itself was enjoyable, but the cream accompanying it was not only unappetizing but also lacked flavour. It unfortunately overshadowed the deliciousness of the lava cake.

Overall, my experience at Au Bon Pain left me with mixed feelings, and I couldn’t help but consider it an average cafe. To conclude my visit, I requested a pastry cake recommended by the manager and others. Unfortunately, it did not meet expectations and was quite disappointing.

I urge Au Bon Pain to revisit and refine its flavours, as the food fell short of the mark. My rating would be average at best, or even lower. It is my hope that they can improve and regain their reputation for delectable offerings.


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