One weekend, my friends and I embarked on a spontaneous getaway, and after much contemplation, we settled on the Royal Orchid Resort situated along Bellary Road in Yelahanka. This charming resort, though relatively small in size, offered a refreshing escape, characterized by the invigorating scent of fresh air.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by an impressive entrance, made even more significant by the fact that it also served as a convention center. However, what truly captured our attention and imagination was what awaited us inside. The resort boasted a delightful Dhaba, designed to exude a rustic, local charm that was undeniably cool. As we ventured further, we were greeted by the sight of a bullock cart, an auto-rickshaw, and a milk delivery cycle, all thoughtfully parked opposite the restaurant. This arrangement added a picturesque and rustic touch to the overall ambience, making our visit all the more unique and enjoyable.9th Mile Dhaba Panorama

Points to Remember:

  1. Ideal for Leisurely Hangouts: This is a great place to relax and unwind, making it a perfect spot for leisurely hangouts with friends or loved ones.
  2. Evening Magic: The evening is the best time to visit, as the ambience takes on a special charm as the day turns into night.
  3. Premium Pricing: While the experience is delightful, it’s worth noting that the prices are on the higher side, so be prepared for a bit of a splurge.

9th Mile Dhaba Review

I had a dining experience at 9th Mile Dhaba, and I must admit that my initial choice of ordering Biryani was a regrettable decision. It didn’t meet my expectations, and I quickly realized that this was, in fact, a typical Punjabi restaurant.

For the evening dinner, I decided to embrace the restaurant’s true essence and ordered some authentic Punjabi dishes. The menu included Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Butter Kulcha. To my delight, these dishes were absolutely fantastic, marking them as some of the best Punjabi cuisine I’ve had in Bangalore. Many restaurants often miss the mark when it comes to capturing the true spicy flavours of Punjabi dishes, but 9th Mile Dhaba did an admirable job.

I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to this restaurant for all you food enthusiasts out there. It’s an excellent place to relish Punjabi cuisine while enjoying the ambience of live old Bollywood songs, making for a delightful dining experience.

9th Mile Dhaba Kitchen

9th Mile Dhaba Address

9th Mile Dhaba

Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre

Allalasandra, Bellary Road,

Yelahanka, Near Jakkur Flying Club,

Bangalore 560 065, India

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9th Mile Dhaba Award Certificate