The foods below might be weird for you too but let me tell you that this below list is true and you can check it out anywhere. Vegetarians, please watch out for this article as some of the content might affect your daily diet.

1. Silkworm’s Pupa – Eri Pole or Silkworm’s Pupa is a famous dish which can be found in Assam and trust me, like silk this dish might go smoothly inside your stomach.

2. Black Rice – Yes, There is something called “Black Rice” in India and it looks dark black. This Black Rice is a delicacy from North East and mainly Manipur. In Manipur, this rice is also called as magic rice as it changes colour, I mean when you cook this rice it becomes purple.

3. Red Ant Chutney – Red Ant Chutney is one of the famous dishes which can be found almost in all the mountain forest regions of India. The funny thing is one of my relatives eats it too, leave those poor little ones, please!

4. Baby Shark Curry – Believe it or not, “Baby Shark Curry” is one of the awesome Delicacies from the coastal part of India and most famous in Goa.

5. Pig Intestines –  Pig does eat poop and people from the northeast do it it’s intestines. Pork Jadoh is one of the famous delicacies which has both chicken blood and pig intestines. Anyone who wants to try can travel to the northeast.

6. Frog/ Frog Legs – From chicken legs to Mutton Raan to now Frog Leg. I know till now you were thinking that only Chinese eat frogs but no, from the Lab dissection, it goes directly to someone’s stomach. This dish can be found mostly in Sikkim and other neighbouring states or cities.

7. Dog Meat – Well, Dog lovers please close your eyes this might be painful. Yes, Dog Meat is a famous Delicacy from the northeast including Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and more. weird!